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Posted on: 10/7/09 9:04 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… I’ve seen a few youtube videos floating around about youth ministry…

…but this is by far one of the funnier I’ve seen.

If you’re not in youth ministry, you might not find this funny. I’m not sure if this guy is in youth ministry (I peeked at some of his other videos… hmmmmm), but he KNOWS youth ministry.


 (Click here to see the video if you don’t see the video link above)

… and, yes, it’s true about our wives!!!

(ht to John for the link)

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4 Replies to “Youth MiniStarZ”

  1. Hilarious! And so true. As a female youth pastor, just about the only part that doesn’t fit is the gotee & the beautiful wife. Although I do have a pretty hot husband!

  2. Johnathon – he knows youth ministry – he has been a part of Student Life camps for a couple of years at least – I saw him at Student Life camp in Durango, CO a year ago as part of their drama team. Check out the 4 color print shirts in the video – Student Life baby!

    And, it’s right on FUNNY!

  3. that’s so great, cause it’s so true. I love the “I’ll treat you to lunch…when it’s really on the church budget.” While I’m insulted to have my calling so trivialized and reduced to these generalizations…he nailed it. Great stuff!

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