If You Could Live Anywhere?

Posted on: 07/20/09 2:13 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Oh man it’s good to be back home.

Sure, I travel a lot. But on average I only go away two weekends a month, which really only adds up to 6 or 7 days a month away from home. Contrast that with my last few weeks… I was gone from July 4th until late last night (July 19th).

Whew! It’s good to be home in Sacramento. I really like it here.

People always ask, “If you could live anywhere…”

Funny… when my wife and I were tooling around Maine, we really liked it, and even pondered the idea of, “What if we moved here some day?” (We always look around- wondering about the answer to the question, “If you could live anywhere, where would you live?”) We even loved New Brunswick CANADA and saw some cute houses near the small town of Quispamsis that were really nice. Near the ocean, peaceful… not bad. And New England was cute- from the small tourist trap of Freeport Maine to the more urban streets around Harvard in Boston (no, I didn’t kiss the statue’s foot!). Fun.

But bottom line… I love Sacramento.

My ten second pitch: 90 minutes from San Francisco, 90 minutes from Lake Tahoe, Far enough away from Los Angelos (6 hoursish, depending on your definition of LA), but close enough to visit. Nice and hot during the summer, but not humid! No natural disasters (no hurricanes, Tornados, etc. Earthquakes are a good 90 minutes away, fires 45 to 60 minutes away. Flooding happens, but not often, and not near my house).

So if you could live anywhere… where would you live?

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4 Replies to “If You Could Live Anywhere?”

  1. There are few places I’d rather live more than San Diego. For the first time ever my wife and I went on vacation this summer and never once said, “I could live here.” We’ve been spoiled by SD and are soaking it up. But if I could live anywhere on the planet it’d be Northern Ireland. Love it there.

  2. Well, I live in Florida, so we have constant humidity, really hot weather, fairly regular hurricanes, and even the occassional tornado. (Yes, tornado!) Oh, and flooding is a strong concern at certain times of year. We are also the lightning capital of the country.

    If I could choose anywhere in the US, it would probably be something like Colorado. Cool weather, no humidity, no hurricanes, etc.

    Plus…skiing! Not much of that in FL! 🙂

  3. I’d have to say where i am right now–fairfield. It’s about halfway Sacramento and San Fransisco, so about 45 closer to Frisco, and 45 farther from Tahoe, BUT 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer

  4. I live in Michigan, and it’s an absolutely beautiful state. Fresh water lakes, forest, and farms abound. Yeah, it gets cold in the winter, but that only makes you appreciate the other seasons more. And I happen to like snow and cold for a season. What better reason to snuggle up with your sweetie in front of a fireplace? And to make snowangels and snowmen with your kids…snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing…I love it all. As for natural disasters, tornadoes in our area are very rare. We have a 130-acre farm with a great pond for swimming/fishing/ice-skating, plus fresh fruits and vegetables we grow ourselves, not to mention a slew of animals. It’s an amazing place to raise our kids, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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