Did We Really Need More Borat?

Posted on: 07/18/09 7:37 AM | by Jonathan McKee

If you’ve seen any newspaper this week, you’ve probably seen a picture of a half naked man named Bruno. If you happened to pass a magazine rack, then you might have even seen the same man fully naked on the cover of GQ.

The man has many different faces, but his content is always similar… similar in that you wouldn’t want your kids to see it.

If you made the mistake of seeing the movie Borat, you know what I’m talking about. USA Today claims that Bruno trumps Borat in shock value. The redband trailer of this film will reveal that (although I don’t encourage you to watch that).

I’ve been in Canada speaking all week and I literally just read David’s article about the film’s release (funny, I’ve seen magazines and newspapers about the film all week, and only now did I finally get to read the “Youth Culture Window” article on my own web site! That shows you how connected I’ve been this week!) David’s article on this film is excellent, I encourage all parents and youth workers to read it.

Here’s just a taste:

Homosexuality. Vulgarity. Profanity. Some more homosexuality. Mockery of Christianity. Coarse jokes. Even more homosexuality. Several drug references. Sex toys. And you guessed it: more homosexuality. Will kids pay to see this at theaters?

If Borat’s success at the box office is any indicator, they will by the millions.