Maine, Canada, and That Dang Metric System

Posted on: 07/14/09 8:48 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve finally got a moment to breathe here in Canada. Although I’m not sure whether this moment is measured in miles… or kilometers! I’m so confused! 

Let me back up.

We flew into Boston on Sunday. Lori and I (yes, just me and the wife on this trip- very cool!) ate a deliciious taste of Legal Seafood in the United Terminal at Boston’s Logan airport. If you’ve never had Legal Seafood, it’s a great chain with a very tasty chowder.

An hour later we were exiting Mass. and into New Hampshire. Everyone pull out your U.S. maps. The N.H. shoreline is only like 14 miles. We were by the shore, so our NH experience was about 15 minutes, then onto Maine.

Maine: allow me to quote my wife. “This place is adorable!”

My wife loves Maine. Please, no one in Maine should offer me a pastoring job, because my wife would make me take it!  🙂 We stopped in Freeport, Maine… a cute little town with outlet malls and (again quoting my wife) “adorable little houses.”

I really did like it. We’re gonna try to stop there on the way back on Saturday. The town’s McDonalds was even this old colonial house, but with a little McDonald’s sign out front. Hilarious. Very cool little town.

Monday morning as we winded our way through Maine we saw some very pretty terrain. My favorite little street: Cow Patty Lane. I kid you not!

Heading NorthEast, we finally hit the Canadian border. The border crossing was simple, we showed our passports, answered a few questions, “no, we don’t have any drugs, plants, pets or children tied up in the trunk,” and were merrily on our way. This was my wife’s first time in Canada.

I stopped at the first Tim Horton’s (Canada’s version of Starbucks mixed with Dunkin Donuts) and we got some Canadian coins for the tolls approaching. Within an hour we entered St. John (by the Bay of Fundy in New Bruns.)… beautiful little seacoast city. I had to speak that night, so we didn’t stop, but proceeded about 15 minutes further to Quispamsis, a small town on the outskirts of St. John. I spoke to about 400 kids at the Tidal Impact event (I already told you about that event here) then we ate dinner with all the event’s leaders. Great group of people. We really enjoyed them.

This morning we SLEPT in for the first time in a LONG TIME. I decided to go on a run, so I did my normal routine of measuring my route with the car before I ran it. This was funny. Lori came with me and we noticed that the miles seemed to be flying by. But I measured the route, parked, then I embarked on my 5.5 mile run.

At 2 miles and couldn’t figure out what was happening. Something was wrong. Either this Canada air had given me a speed boost, or we measured wrong. At 2.5 miles it hit me. “Freaking Kilometers!!!” So as I continued my run, I started adding how much more I had to run to get even 5 miles. By the time I ran up a hill that lasted a kilometer and felt a little of the NB humidity, I ended up only running about 6 kilometers which I think is about 4 miles. Bah!!!!

Tomorrow I’ll have to reset the car back to miles and take a reading of my course again.

Lori and I ran to Tim Horton’s again this morning so she could get her morning coffee. We were there at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday… and that place was PACKED! What the heck were all these Canadians doing in this place! Don’t they have jobs! i mean…this place was full of adults, kids… you name it. It was kinda cool. It looked like a British Pub on Friday night.

I asked Lori how she liked her “Timmy’s” (that’s what the locals call a Tim Horton’s coffee) Lori said she liked it better than Starbucks. Not bad.

I like Canada.

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6 Replies to “Maine, Canada, and That Dang Metric System”

  1. Pansy, that’s not even 4 miles! 🙂

    Seriously, if you go to it pulls up a google map, you trace your run, and it tells you how far it is. It’s free, and you don’t have to worry about driving all over the place to try to figure out the route. Very effective and convenient.

  2. DOH! Not even four! Wow… even more disappointing! 🙂

    Thanks for the web address… I heard about that, but never had the address. I’ll have to try it.

  3. This is great, Jon! Canada likes you too. Glad to hear it went well; did you ever get much response to your REAL theme when you asked us all about it a month or so back? I know I replied. Anyway, your blog is always fun to read, and the kilometre mix up is always the first thing to get us ~ living in a border town growing up we often made similar mistakes when we visited the US. Thanks again for sharing, and tell your wife she has great taste in coffee if she prefers Tim’s to ST*BUX; most of us do. 🙂
    PS. On a non-blog related item: City, really!? Tevez signed up for the cross-town rival after bad-mouthing Ferguson; what was he thinking? How are you doing? What is to become of your jersey now?

  4. Your talk at the rally last night was amazing. Even though the kids attending Tidal Impact are usually core youth group kids, they still seemed to really react to the “being like God from the inside out” theme. This week has been wonderful and eye-opening. I see a transformation taking place in the Sussex youth. Thanks for being here!

  5. This was the first time I attended Tidal Impact. I was one of the youth leaders, and I found that every night what you said was as relevant to me as the youth – very inspirational. I enjoyed every session. Thank you so much! I wish I had had the foresight to bring a notebook to take notes. I would love to share it with the kids who weren’t there. Do you have any notes from your sessions? Glad you enjoyed Canada, and that you got home safe. God bless you.

  6. Angie… thanks for the encouragement.

    I don’t really have “legible” notes… so here’s the best thing. Go onto and grab that podcast. On that podcast I actually provide on of the talks I did at Tidal Impact (the one about allowing sin to creep into our lives). You can hear that entire talk… plus a bunch more of my teaching in Bible study format.

    I hope that helps.

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