Posted on: 05/1/09 2:53 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Remember the cool guy in the latest Die Hard film… the guy that could run and jump in ways that seemed almost impossible? Remember the “free-running” in the opening scene in the semi-recent bond film Casino Royale?

This is a physical activity (or some say it’s an extreme sport) called Parkour or Freerunning (feel free to click on that link if you really want to know the difference between the two). Either is amazing.

If you really enjoy it, check out a French film titled B13. The film’s only so-so, but the free-running is amazing! (Typical Luc Besson produced stuff… like The Transporter. Very cool fight scenes… mediocre film.)

They guys over at Entertainment Weekly just posted a blurb about an upcoming MTV show called Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Dang! I might actually have to watch MTV!  (I block it in my house… never found anything even slightly redeeming on the channel)

Here’s a fun YouTube video about Parkour that the E.W. guys linked (the music is a little monotonous… but the Parkour is excellent)

(I just had someone email- at the very end of this video during the credits there is some foul language. I never watched the credits… but if you do, beware.)

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  1. Just so you know the presenter (Daniel Ilabaca) of this new show is a christian, and he and his family attend my church (when hes in liverpool) and do amazing work with young people. so its vital we pray for him as God is really using him and Parkour in Liverpool, in the UK and in the world.

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