Jonas Brothers Talk Hip Hop

Posted on: 03/4/09 11:41 PM | by Jonathan McKee

MTV news seemed to mock the idea, but I don’t think it’s giving the Jonas Bros any credit. Look at the situation in context:

The article is titled, “Jonas Brothers Go Hip-Hop?”  Okay.. it does sound a little funny. But don’t worry. They aren’t doing a Jaoquin Phoenix. The article reports that the brothers simply have one song that might benefit from the influence of a hip hop artist like Common or Mos Def.

Featuring a Hip-Hop artist isn’t exactly a stupid marketing move in today’s culture. I actually recommended the same thing to several Christian bands in the last year. (Think about it. It happens all the time in the secular world. Consider last year’s number seven most downloaded song by OneRepublic AND Timbaland: “Apologize.” Or the number 10 song where Madonna joined Justin Timberlake and… again… Timbaland for “Four Minutes”)

It’s hard to deny Hip-Hop’s popularity.

The only question is… could they bring in someone clean? That will be the hard part.

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  1. I think it is a great idea really. The fact is there are so many gospel rap artists now that they would not have to even solicit a secular rap artist. They claim to be Christians why not do the “unthinkable” and link with Ambassador or Grits(already teamed up with the dude from 3rd Day). Mos Def & Common are more cerebral secular artists who don’t sell out to what sells in today’s society. Anyway, more power to the Jonas’.

  2. Interesting article and news update on the Jonas bros. 🙂 I was actually talking to a youth leader today in my old hometown in Northern Virginia (a very white collar, suburban, affluent area) and he was sharing with me the need to continue to add urban elements into his ministry because of the continuing rise of urban influence in the area. I totally get, have seen it, and agree that it is a prominent and growing influence in our culture. With all things, changing how we communicate is all good so long as we never change the message that we are communicating.

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