“Applauding” Jennifer Aniston?

Posted on: 12/12/08 9:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“I applaud her.”

That’s what CNN correspondent A.J. Hammer said about Jennifer Aniston’s new naked photos in GQ Magazine (I’ll just show you the cover photo, because that’s what you’ll see on the news tonight or while standing in line at the grocery store) where Jennifer poses wearing only a tie. Inside the magazine she is seen in a risque group shot, lying between several semi-nude male models… with only a few inches of her “real estate” not showing (the inches that would have made the layout a Penthouse layout, not a GQ layout).

Side bar: Why do our young girls base their self esteem on looks? Why would they be quick to discard modesty if the price was right?

Because that’s exactly what we have taught them! After all, in this CNN report, all three correspondents applaud Jen for doing this.

Their exact words:

“I applaud her speaking out like this. I think it shows a great deal of self confidence.” – A.J. Hammer, CNN correspondent

“It is brilliant on her part. She looks beautiful at 39, she looks like she’s 23. I applaud her for doing this and I pray that she does it more often.”-Carlos Diaz, correspondent for Extra.

“I think she wants to get out there and show that she looks amazing. She looks better than ever. She is in this relationship (John Mayer). She’s got a movie coming out. I think she should just go for it! If I was her, I’d be posing with a tie on… on the cover of every magazine out there. -Kim Serafin, Editor for In Touch Weekly Magazine.

Hmmmmm. Maybe our teenagers should all go do this… since adults applaud it.

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  1. “I applaud her speaking out like this. I think it shows a great deal of self confidence.” – A.J. Hammer, CNN correspondent

    Huh? what did she say? I thought maybe she had some big intellectual statement to make til i looked closer at the cover (no, the words) and it says “is it just us or is jennifer anniston getting hotter? the purpose of this is obvious: GQ=sell mags Jen A.=publicity. But the effects go much farther. on guys, it’s simple= the lust factor. But the effects on women are just as damaging. is it 7 out of 10 girls that say they feel inferior? and it’s not just the touched up pics of Jen, it’s the idea that “Gentlmen’s Quarterly” is paying attention to how ugly girls are and you are cheif, teen girl. not to mention CNN’s approval (and they must be right, they’re the news.) this just in, jennifer anniston’s pretty. stop the presses.

  2. Ha… I knew someone would complain about the picture. You should see the pics that I didn’t post! (I hope you guys don’t go to the grocery store! Lots more pics there by the checkout stands. And if you’re worried about that cover pic, whatever you do… DON’T watch the news tonight. CNN shows the inside pics too…)

  3. Good-bye Jason Barthellemy. You’ve missed some great stuff since leaving…
    Keep it up Jon. PS. Kudos for the “Jackass” re-think and posting the apology. You have shown the best of both worlds.

  4. Jon,
    I have to say I was very shocked and upset about the picture. I clicked on the link regarding what society applauds in ladies in your Lady GaGa article. I was interested in seeing what Jennifer Anniston said since you thought it worthy enough to link. My 12 year old son was standing behind me at the computer. Needless to say, we have taught him that he should guard his eyes. Now I feel like a caused him to see a picture that is harmful to him. He should only see his wife that way! Granted, these things will happen, but I certainly don’t want them to come because of me.

  5. Hey Jon,

    I continue to enjoy your honest and authentic look at culture, the God we serve, and who we are called to be as His people. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this. The Lady GaGa article is great too and really reminds me of who we are underneath all of our pokerfaces.
    Good point on the picture. Unless you’ve gotten rid of your TV, computer, and now text messaging, you can’t complain about that picture. Your kids see that and stuff much worse on TV, computer, or may even be texting worse picture to one another. Guarding your eyes is a great idea, but unless you are blind, that can’t be your solution to this problem in our culture.

  6. I dont see the big deal posting the picture for this article. How can you complain about a picture we dont know about? Even if you did leave out the picture, I’m sure a reader would google it ANYWAY to see what youa re talking about, and then from there it could have led to other pictures. This just goes to show that pictures like this are seen in the grocery stores, where you shop and I’m sure your children go with you too.

    I’ve seen worse stuff on Nickelodeon, Disney channel and “family” abc, and I”m sure children watch those channels.

    Thank you Jonathan for the post. You and your team are doing a great job.

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