Walt and Jim

Posted on: 10/10/08 10:00 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This weekend I’m at the Youth Specialties National Youth Worker’s Convention in Sacramento. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with youth workers; yesterday I already gave you a quick highlight of some of the people we’ve been seeing and talking with.

Today Brandon and I got a chance to sit down with CPYU.org ‘s Walt Mueller and talk youth culture. Walt is the real deal. He wakes up every morning with “the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” I love his ministry… if you haven’t checked out his youth culture website, definitely take a peek. Walt’s the man!

I loved having Brandon with me when I met with Walt. Before I knew it, the two of them were talking about what books they were reading (Brandon is a READER!!!!), their favorite authors… then they got onto reformed theology. They were talking WAY over my head.

You’ll be getting a little of the “goods” from those conversations soon in a podcast format and in a new thing we’re going to be launching soon called “FOUR MINUTES OF MINISTRY” … small little YouTube videos about youth ministry.

After lunch I connected with Jim Burns. Jim is an old friend (not old in age… he’s just a puppy!) who has been an encouragement to me before I even started THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY. He even helped me get my first book published. It was a blast spending some time with Jim. I’m really excited about some of the “purity” resources he is developing to help our kids understand God’s plan for them sexually.

You’ll be catching a glimpse from Jim soon also in one of our upcoming “FOUR MINUTES OF MINISTRY” videos.

Tomorrow it’s a busy day of more meetings, and a few last minute touches on my training workshops for Sunday.


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