Papa, Dude, or Leader?

Posted on: 10/6/08 9:06 AM | by Jonathan McKee

My dad just released a great article over at … maybe I’m biased, he used an experience with my son as an example. He talks about his role with my son and how it changes from Papa, to an advisor, and sometimes even “dude.” (when they are looking at cars!) In this same way his role changes as a volunteer leader. He proposes that volunteer leadership can look much like being a grandparent.

In this article about volunteer management, he asks the key question:

How do we communicate worth and potential with our volunteers in such a way that they use their gifts and talents to fulfill the mission of our organization?

Then he explains that the answer is found in the balance of two leadership factors: Guidance and Trust. I know any of us who work with volunteers has bounced back and forth wondering, “How much hands-on direction do I need to give?” That ties to, “How much confidence to I have that I can depend on the volunteer?”

Great article.

Last week, GROUP’s “Church Volunteer Central” sent out an e-newsletter featuring another article of his, one on training this new breed of volunteers. That article takes a story from our book, a story when I did a ride-along with my LAPD buddy a little while ago. Fun stuff!

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  1. I think I know that LAPD dude! Hey Jonathan, I’m glad that night helped you and is continuing to help others.

  2. Ha… it’s good to hear from ya Brian. (I’m glad you didn’t say anything about how I kept playing with the lights and the buttons in the cruiser!) 🙂

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