The Chart-topping Message of “So What”

Posted on: 10/1/08 12:03 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Pink is back on the top of the charts… and boy is she pissed!

Her angry new song, “So What” is heard everywhere- radio, internet, iPods and ringtones. Her video is being downloaded by the millions. Kids know the song. Many have seen the video. The question is, “What message are kids getting?” and “How can we talk to them about this message?”

You’re in luck. On Monday I just penned a discussion that youth workers and parents can use with their kids about this trendy new song.

Pink, the #7 most popular artist on MTV’s coveted list, has been around for a while. In 2000, Pink’s name became known when she jumped into the Top Five of the charts with her hit song, “Get the Party Started.” She’s bounced around the charts since, but only recently rose to #1 with this heated new song, “So What” that she performed live at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. Now “So What,” a song expressing Pink’s reaction to hurt, has been riding #1 for a while. Today, it’s #2 in the Billboard Hot 100, #2 iTunes song, #3 iTunes video, and #3 iTunes Top Ringtone.

The video shows Pink’s reaction to pain. She responds with denial (“I’m alright!”) and violence. (“I wanna start a fight!”) it’s a message you just have to see for yourself.

Here’s her video, including Pink’s live introduction on MTV2.

So how should our kids react when bad things happen? Should they take Pink’s advice and get drunk, vandalize, and get into fights?

That’s what we discussion in this new MUSIC DISCUSSION on our web page.

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  1. Honestly, I had not heard this song until today. I watched the video and thought about and had some think time, Twisted Sister “We’re not going to take it” came to mind. Sinful people rebel agaist “laws” rather it be God’s laws or human laws hoping for no consequences. There are consequences to all our actions.

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