What Teens Are Watching This Weekend

Posted on: 06/21/08 7:35 AM | by Jonathan McKee

The Malls were quiet on Friday night… the streets were a little less crowded. Where were all the tweens and young teenage girls?

At home watching CAMP ROCK on the Disney Channel.

Yes, if you thought TV’s High School Musical was big… it will be interesting to see the results of Camp Rock, starring none other than the Jonas Brothers (who if you don’t know, are huge! Click here for our Youth Culture Window about this hot Hollywood boy band of preacher’s kids that has maintained a clean slate so far.)

The show premiered on Disney last night (Friday) at 8:00 p.m. and can also be seen on ABC FAMILY on Sunday night, and DisneyChannel.com on Monday night.

E online says, “it’s pretty much guaranteed to be huge.” The single from the film is already #6 on iTunes and the Camp Rock Album release only a few days ago and is already the #11 album on Amazon.

It will be interesting to hear the “post Camp Rock” buzz Monday.

2 Replies to “What Teens Are Watching This Weekend”

  1. Jonathan,

    I watched the show on Friday night…yeah that’s right, I stayed home on a Friday night to watch the Jo Bros.

    It was your classic Disney flick. Poor brunette girl meets cute guy…pretends to be somebody she’s not…is found out and told on by the evil blonde girl…but all gets resolved for the proverbial happy ending.

    Thanks for bringing youth pastors’ attention to what all of our middle school girls will be talking about at youth on Sunday night!

  2. Had to watch it. Twice I have a 12 year old and a 9 year old. nine year old is obsessied with the Jonas brothers. The 12 almost 13 year old was not as impressed. it was not bad but will not have the impact that High school musical had.

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