Beyonce’s “Hoochified” Fashion Line for Kids

Posted on: 05/9/08 2:42 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s Beyoncé… no, it’s a streetwalker… no, it’s… a four-year-old?!

Yes, Beyoncé  is at it again. This time she’s not raising eyebrows with a low cut top or her “ghost thigh-master” dance move in her newest music video… this time it’s her clothing line for kids.

People are a little upset. And by “people” I don’t mean Falwell or Dobson. I mean the secular fashion world:

Beyoncé Knowles and her mother Tina launched the House of Deréon clothing line in 2004 and tagged it “where the sidewalk and catwalk meet”. The clothes they market display a mix of influences, from hip hop to the very stylish and feminine air of more traditional designer clothing. The brand was quickly expanded by Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange and by the singer’s fiancé / rumored husband, hip hop star and business mogul Jay-Z, who launched the junior line Deréon, aimed at teens and even young children. And it’s here that the controversy emerged, with a glossy magazine ad for the Deréon Girls Collection that led to a lot of raised eyebrows.

The ad depicts a series of young girls aged around 7 or 8 seemingly playing dress up, using what looks like their mother / older sister’s 5 inch high heels, wearing lipstick and posing in a slightly disturbing, overtly mature way. We could, of course, argue that the ads are simply about a bunch of trendy kids who can’t wait to wear mommy’s heavily embroidered sparkly outfits and have found the House of Deréon clothing line to be the answer to all their prayers. Mostly, however, these ads have been perceived as more than a little inappropriate, particularly the little girls’ attitudes and mature posing in front of the camera.

Blogs are popping up everywhere with nothing good to say about this little endeavor from the superstar.

“High heels, on a 4 year old?!”

“All I can say is like Hell!”

“Someone is going to buy this trash for their child, that is the saddest part.”

For years Beyoncé  has got away with showing up at different Music Award shows flaunting “the twins” in a “J-Lo” dress and no one has made a fuss. But now she has messed with their kids. Has she pushed the envelope too far this time?


6 Replies to “Beyonce’s “Hoochified” Fashion Line for Kids”

  1. Can we let little girls be little girls? In a society that exploits women, can we just let the little girls wear little girl clothes and not try to age them quicker than they already grow?
    This is beyond offensive to me, it is vulgar and lewd to place a girl in these clothes, tell her to look that way and expect moms to think it is just “cute”.
    How about talking to your little girl about education, substantial subjects, and how to treat others with respect? This “I am a girl so I don’t need a brain, just a good body and a sense of fashion” attitude is asking for a troubled generation worse than the one we already see.

  2. you people need 2 srop hatin on beyonce just because she has made more money in an about 11 year career than yall have made in your whole lives. Beyonce is a very well educated young talented and successful woman and she does not deserve2 be disrespected in the way that you have disrespected her. Beyonce’s clothing line for children is very age appropriate and if you all had taken out the time to look at her website( instead of trying to criticize her over one ad. I see 4 year olds wearing heels all the time and for your information house of dereon was established in 2005 and dereon was established in 2006 not 2004!! Before you try 2 play somebody make sure you have your facts right!! Bottom line get over it if you dont like her clothing line for children then dont dress your kids in it!!

  3. You call this hoochified??? well what do you think about Ladygaga??? The clothing displayed clearly properly covers the girls in the photo. Besides, its up to the parents to descide what clothes they buy for their children.

  4. I hope that people like Jah’Leisha never have children and are forever prohibited from buying clothing for children. This line of clothing is a serious exploitation of children. Beyonce should be kept away from children lest she further exploits these little girls. These little girls will become women someday. Why would Beyonce want to “recruit” little girls to become “hooches.” The word has become a very demeaning word for women with unsavory sexual conduct. I defined the word for people like Jah’Leisha who think it’s ok to dress our little girls like that. As the father of 8 children, 7 of whom are female, this has got to be the stupidest thing that Beyonce has ever done. Maybe she could hook up with Phillip Garrido in Antioch. By the way, Jah’Leisha, if Beyonce so rich, why is she still looking for way to”earn” more money by exploiting children? Is she “hoochiefied?” Maybe she is not as rich as you think? When she earned all of this money that you talk about she must have left something behind-her dignity.

  5. her clothes are not hocciefied they are awsome and any body that thinks stuff like that dose not know fashion

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