TV Pilots Going Too Far

Posted on: 03/11/08 10:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Is it just me, or is the trash we see on that screen in our living room getting a little trashier?

Wow… it’s been hard to find clean television entertainment lately. My wife Lori and I tried some more new TV pilots lately. We’ve noticed something: every pilot had a sex scene. The new show “Unhitched” included a monkey watching two people having sex. The monkey pulled down its pants and jumped on them to join in. In the next scene we see a proctologist examining the guy’s butt assessing the damage. (Yes… this was on Fox)

USA Today’s Bill Keveney puts it this way.

“Take a couple having sex, add an aroused orangutan, and you’ve got an opening scene worthy of a Farrelly Brothers film. That it’s in a network TV comedy, ‘Unhitched,’ might raise some eyebrows.”

You can read more about the show here.

Now I haven’t seen every pilot, but of the four we’ve watched in the last month, four had sex scenes.


Wow! We’ve come a long way since Gilligan’s Island.