The “Lyrics Survey” Results

Posted on: 03/10/08 10:43 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve been receiving emails asking me about the results of our music “lyrics” survey. As many of you remember, in a past blog I asked you to survey your kids about whether they think the lyrics affect them.

It all started with the discussion about Soulja Boy’s song and what those lyrics mean. I noticed that a girl in a chat room wrote:

i love this song, and

I don’t care what the lyrics mean


This prompted some comments, and before we knew it, we were surveying you to see what your kids thought.

I wanted you to know that we collected, tallied, and analyzed the results. The Source’s David R. Smith just wrote up a YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW article about it that is on our front page now (look for the magnifying glass) and will appear in this week’s EZINE NEWSLETTER. (If you don’t already get our ministry’s free weekly EZINE, jump on any page of our website now and sign up in the upper right hand corner!)

I think you’ll find the results fascinating!