Alyssa’s Top 10 Uganda Pics

Posted on: 03/11/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

About a month ago I wrote about my 17-year-old daughter Alyssa leaving to Uganda for a two week missions trip (funny side note: last year I wrote a post about how my daughter will have no rules when she turns 17½. Guess where she was the day she turned 17½? Playing with little kids in Uganda.) It was such an amazing experience for her– everything from the worship with brothers and sisters across the globe, to the rush of children who would come up to greet her everytime she stepped out of the van (some who had never personally seen anyone with white skin before).

She’s back, she had a great time, and I told her to share some of her pictures that represented her time there. So here’s 10 random pictures she chose and a sentence about each one:

These are some of the kids at one of the schools we worked at playing with a parachute we brought.

This darling kid who is sticking her tongue out is Adupo (I taught her to do that!). 🙂

This is one of the pesky monkeys that were all over the tables at the first place we stayed at.

This is one of the men with his daughter at the marriage conference we had for Kampala Baptist church.

This morning we were so blessed to wake up to this beautiful African sky!

Me, my grandparents and our friend Jane all standing in front of a hut in her village.

Two hippos kissing! <3>  (and a chaperone nearby)

My friend Sarah has a soft spot for kids and so she worked on the children’s ministry team. (And there is Adupo yet again making a silly face)

On this day we were about to go to a wedding with 13 couples! (we had no clue what we were getting in to!)

And finally, this is my friend Makayla and I huddling together at one of the villages we got to work in (Yes… exhausted.)

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  1. Wow! What great pictures! we loved hearing more about your trip at service on Sunday. Thank you for going and making a difference to the people in Uganda.

  2. I hope more teens and adults get inspired by your testamony! May the peace of God encompass you as you share!

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