Alec’s Black Belt

Posted on: 08/22/09 3:18 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It was a fun day in the McKee household. My 16-year-old earned his black belt today in a Korean art called Tae Kuk Mu Sul.

Alec started Karate at the end of grade school, but was in one of those schools that graduates kids regardless of whether they earned it or not. (Congrats! You’re to the next level. That will be $50 more for the belt!) He worked his way all the way up to red belt in that school (only brown and black to go), then decided to try this other school (Tae Kuk Mu Sul) that was less “businessy” and more about training.

Alec started over at white belt at Tae Kuk Mu Sul and worked hard for a little over 2 years now.

All month he’s been working towards his blackbelt test. Today he earned it.

Exciting stuff! I’m proud of him. Quite an achievement.

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