Posted on: 03/27/13 8:34 AM | by Jonathan McKee

You haven’t heard from me for awhile because I’m taking some time off to hang with family and visit our son Alec where he attends college at Azusa Pacific University in Southern CA. Lori, myself and my parents (our girls are on a missions trip) all drove down Sunday, and we’ve been enjoying him, his school, and some of the sights of Southern CA this week.

My parents hadn’t seen Asuza in over 20 years, and they were impressed with how much it’s grown. The campus now has about 9,000 students, graduate and post grad, and the facilities are amazing. Alec showed us where he’s taking his art classes– he loves the program.

After the campus tour we let Alec choose dinner– which was pizza (he’s a chip off the old block). Monday we all went to Disneyland and California Adventure together, thanks to my friend David from Whittier (thanks David), and Tuesday we all went shopping with Alec stocking up his fridge, filling his tank (and my parents slipped him some money– college students are always broke!)

Now we’re taking the scenic route back up the coast, enjoying the ocean and a little quiet.

We already miss Alec!

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  1. Hello Jonathan,
    I read your blogs and use the Source often in my Youth and Family Ministry. I couldn’t help but respond to you today. Our son, Eric Teeples, attends APU as well. He started this year as a Freshman and is a Commercial Music Major. Eric is home for Spring Break and Holy Week right now. What a joy! We live in a rural Minnesota town called Hawley, MN. Instead of “Spring Break” he is having “Snow Break” since we still have about 3-4 feet of snow on the ground. Eric built a snow fort yesterday and went sledding on Monday!
    I couldn’t help but think how I wished I could be in your shoes touring around APU and Southern CA! Anyway, I agree on your observations of APU. It is a wonderful, energized God-centered learning environment and we are so grateful Eric found the school and is attending such a great University. We are so blessed.
    Although the distance is great between Minnesota and APU, we trust in God’s incredible plan to bring Jesus’ Good News to the next generation through our children who are creative and focused! Have a blessed Easter celebration and thank you for all you do for the youth of today and their families! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
    A fellow APU Parent and Worker in God’s Kingdom!
    Kris Teeples
    Wife, Mom of 3 Sons, and Director Of Youth and Family

    1. That’s awesome Kristen. Glad you get to hang with Eric this week and enjoy the snow! The sun will come to MN… don’t worry. I hope soon… because I teach a parenting workshop near twin cities next weekend! 🙂

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