The After-Christmas Mixer

Posted on: 01/8/13 12:30 PM | by Jonathan McKee

My good friend Danette Matty from Nebraska just emailed me to let me know that she missed doing our “Christmas Mixer” this year  (from our Games & Icebreakers page) with her small group, so she decided to tweak it and make it an “After-Christmas” mixer, basically a good list of small group ice-breaker questions.

I love the idea. Here’s some of her questions:

Post-Christmas Regroup Q’s

  1. The first thing you did on Christmas Day is….
  2. Where was the last place you went shopping for Christmas?
  3. Name a Christmas tradition your family participates in.
  4. Name the place you stayed the most during Christmas break.
  5. What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?
  6. What was the coolest gift you gave someone this year?
  7. What was your favorite Christmas present of all time?
  8. What class are you most looking forward to getting back to this week, or, who are you most looking forward to seeing that you didn’t see over break?