Adam in the Bottom Two?

Posted on: 04/30/09 5:30 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… I admit it. I watch American Idol (me and half the nation).

I guess I could admit to worse. I really enjoy the singing, I enjoy getting to know most of the top 10, I enjoy hearing Simon’s criticism (which is usually right on)… but I hate the “reality TV” drama! (i.e. Ryan playing mind-games with the contestants as he’s announcing the bottom three).

This year my prediction has been Adam or Danny as the winner, with Chris as number three.

I’ve correctly predicted who would leave the last 5 weeks, including last night, predicting that Allison will go next week (sad, she’s really good). But last night I was a little scared when Adam made the bottom three. I actually started having a Daughtry flashback when Adam was in the bottom two. (Interesting… some think that Adam was NOT actually the second lowest and that the whole thing is a PR scam)

This year the top 10 have probably impressed me more than any year past. Last night I literally thought, “None of these 5 deserve to be voted off.”

We’ll see what happens!