A Quick Little Give-away

Posted on: 02/14/11 12:29 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I know you all love free stuff… so I’m going to go ahead and give you a chance to quickly win some free books and DVDs… in the next 24 hours! (How’s that for “quickly”?)


Tomorrow the movie “Waiting for Superman,” the award-winning documentary shedding light on our country’s failing public school system, releases on BluRay and DVD. I have 5 copies to give away. (I like what they’re doing with the promotion of this film. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each BluRay/DVD goes to benefit GetSchooled.com, an independent non-profit organization trying to improve high school graduation rates and college-going rates)

And what the heck… I’ll give 5 of my books away too. Any one of my seven books in print.

Winning is simple.

Just pop on our brand new TheSource4Parents.com and take a peek around the page. Then come back to this blog and simply post two things: a comment telling us what you think of TheSource4Parents.com, and where you live (just city and state is fine- I’ll get full addresses from winners).


I’m Karen from Hershey, PA and I can’t wait to read some of these helpful articles posted in the PARENTING HELP section! They look awesome.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon I’ll pick 10 winners (5 books and 5 DVDS) from the people who commented.

Doesn’t get simpler than that!

WINNERS: I have emailed the following 10 winners of this contest. If you are listed and did not receive an email from me, please use the CONTACT US button at the top of my blog and drop me a note.

Vallerie from Espanola, NM
Henry from Douglas, GA
Yong from Chatsworth, CA
Shelly from Denison, IA
Kris from Elkton, KY
Dave from Cookeville, TN
Eric from Wheaton, IL
Evelyn from Auburn Hills, MI
Peggy from Lincoln, NE
Kelly from Hiawassee, GA

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63 Replies to “A Quick Little Give-away”

  1. I’m Bob from Nashville, TN. Love the parenting site. The youth culture section and the movie review section will be of great assistance for parents!

  2. Jesse from South Hutchinson, KS and I look forward to using the movie reviews and Q’s to help talk with students and parents about what they are watching.

  3. I looked around the site and I enjoyed the movie reviews, its good to get a heads up on whether or not a movie is kid friendly from a Godly perspective. Thanks and GOd bless!
    I am from Espanola, NM

  4. Love the Source for Parents. I use original all the time and now I can post your url for this one to direct the parents there. THANKS!

  5. I’m David from DeKalb, IL…
    You’re articles are great discussion starters for talks with my teens!
    I’d love to win a book. Just purchased “Ministry By Teenagers” as a resource, but since I’m a volunteer youth director, I can’t keep it on my (empty) shelf and have to sign it in and out instead, which makes it difficult to use as a “resource”!

  6. Stu from San Diego, Ca. The website has some pretty exciting stuff to help parents guide their kids through today’s culture. The PARENTING HELP page does look very helpful and has a lot of articles ready to go which is great. For me, the FREE RESOURCES tab is an awesome tool for parents (the movie and music reviews specifically). I looked at a couple of each and they are really well done. I especially like that they are current (current theatrical releases and current popular music). Overall it looks great, thanks for your ministry!

  7. This is Shaun from Boise, ID, I appreciate the parents page, and think it is a helpful tool as we in youth ministry need to see ourselves pastoring not just to youth, but to their families as well. Thanks!

  8. Henry from Douglas, GA. Looks like an awesome tool. Weekly Parenting Help articles definitely something that will encourage many parents. One thing you could possibly look at would be having a books recommendation or books for sale dealing with parenting.

  9. Hey there! This is Yong from Chatsworth, CA. Been a long-time subscriber and love reading about your youth ministry/parenting resources. I’ve implemented notes from your Connect book with my staff. I’m now eager to read your “Confessions of an Imperfect Parent” book. My wife is a teacher so we’re very much interested in watching “Superman” as well.

  10. My name is Matthew from Avon, IN. I think the site looks great! Keep up the good work! Thanks for thinking of us when you give stuff away! 🙂

  11. I’m Marc from Fort Wayne, IN and I although I’m not a parent, I am a youth worker and regularly use The Source for up to date info to share with parents of the students I work with.

  12. I’m Philip from Healdton, OK. The new parenting site looks good. I’m definitely going to recommend it to my student’s parents!

  13. Hello, My name is Kyle Boils from Waterford, MI. I frequently use your resources from your Source 4 ym website. I am always looking for free resources to help resource the parents of my teens. They often come looking for advice, and while I have some education and experience ministering to teens, I have absolutely no experience as a parent. Thank you so much for creating these free sources for parents!

  14. Hello, I’m Alan from Gallipolis, Ohio. Love the site, gives you great up to date ideas and material. Good site for youth leaders, and parents to help with the kids in our life. Thank you for all your help.

  15. But I’m not Karen and I don’t live in Hershey. I am Rick Nier and I live in Winona Lake, Indiana. And it’s true, I do get good stuff from your site and will pass on the links to my parents….well, not my parents, but the parents of my teens…well, not my teens, but you get the idea.

  16. Hi! I’m Shelly from Denison, IA and I love the website for parents. I have put this site as our student ministries resource of the month for all of the parents to check out! thank you for your ministry to parents, families, and also for equipping people like me!

  17. I’m Mark Schwarz from Aurora, IL and I like the fact the parents website is as up to date as your youth site. I am passing along this website to the parents of the church where I work. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  18. Hi, I’m Tim from Columbia, MD and I love the idea of a website that I can send parents to for great resources (It makes me look good too!) Keep up the good work.

  19. Heidi from Shippensburg, PA and I love the Parent website & can’t wait to share it with the parents I work with!

  20. My name is Kris from Elkton, KY and I appreciate your new parents website. I especially liked the article about Lady Gaga and passed that along to my parents, especially to the ones who have youth that really like listening to her.

  21. Hey, I’m Andrew from Fayetteville, AR. I’m super excited about reading that one little section called JONATHAN’S BLOG. I also am psyched about using that Slang Dictionary to find out what my kids are talking about. That thing is OFF DA CHAIN!

  22. The Source For Parents is a great website with some very helpful articles. I am a youth worker in a church, but do not have kids myself. It’s nice to read things from a parents perspective. I have encouraged many parents to take a look at it.

  23. Tyler from Milwaukee, WI here, and I always love the film reviews. Keep up the great work!

  24. Hi, I’m Brenda from Bellevue, Ohio. I love the movie scoring guide. It really helps how you review them and it saves me a lot of valuable time! Great site!

  25. Abe From Springfield, La. I loved it! I sent it to my youth parents. Also, love the music review section for parents, and it is great to gather insight from a parent’s perspective. EPIC!

  26. Shane from Seaside, OR – I’ve known about this site for a while, but after looking around some..well, I need to look around some more.

  27. Jonathan,
    Great resource! As a pastor of a church full of parents…and as a parent myself…I will be looking at and recommend this site to all the parents I know. Thank you for your ministry, I look forward to reading more from both your sites.

    Larry Vinson – Richland, IN

  28. Eric from Wheaton, IL. Had the chance to refer many of our parents from church to a specific article on your parents website that addressed some issues/challenges that were occurring with their students. Grateful for making these articles and resources available! Thanks!

  29. Kristina from Sacramento, CA. I read all your posts on Facebook and enjoy the movie reviews. I’m also getting a kick out of the slang dictionary you have.

  30. Hey this is Melissa from Florida. I have always loved your website for ideas for my youth. Your books come in handy too. Thanks for your dedication for all us Youth Pastors out there.

  31. Hi, I’m Jerel from Ponoka, Alberta Canada. I love the Youth Culture Window and the way it keeps me informed in coming trends and tragedies.

  32. Hi Jonathan, my name is Roger and I am from Newport News, VA. Thanks for providing a place for parents to go to get up to date information on what is going on in the world our teens encounter today.

  33. I really like the movie reviews! Although I disagree with you on the Chronicles of Narnia review, it is a great resource to be able to quickly look at your reviews and have some things to converse with kids about. I am Lee from Summersville, WV.

  34. Dave from New Port Richey, FL. The parent site is a fantastic new resource that is laid out cleanly and is easy to navigate. I am promoting it to all our parents.

  35. Thanks for putting together another great resource. I will definitely recommend this site to parents. I use The Source often in my own ministry. Thanks for your commitment to great stuff we can actually use!

  36. I’m Jeff from Mount Airy, NC. I like the new Source for Parents site. As a person who is both a youth pastor and a parent of 4 kids, I’m very happy to see parental resources in addition to the already excellent youth ministry helps. I love the culture articles — they shed a little more light on what our kids are facing.

  37. Hey – I’m Evelyn from Auburn Hills, MI. Your resources and helping parents walk through our culture – esp. with music and entertainment is very helpful to me – both as parent and educator. I do media lessons with our abstinence education and find your insight very helpful and we steer a generation of kids towards solid judgement and thinking. Thanks!

  38. Hi, I’m Justin from Prescott, AZ. I spent some time looking through movie reviews. I can’t say I always agree with what you say, but I like the style, tone and the questions you ask about how we as Christians should respond to the films. I’ll definitely continue to look at them.

  39. Hi I’m Ray from Toronto, Canada. I think one of the best parts of the website is the tons of articles on youth ministry that are really practical. For some parents who really don’t have a clue about today’s youth culture it’s really helpful. I’ve been pointing parents and my youth volunteers to it for years!

  40. I’m a student pastor in Eustis, Florida and have been a great fan and subscriber of Jonathan’s Blog I think since its inception. I use so much of the information gleaned from these articles to help train my volunteers AND the parents as well. Al Menconi’s article this week is going to help build up my sermon this Sunday on Holiness In Our Fallen World.

    Great stuff!!!!!

  41. I’m Joe, from Dresher, Pa and I can’t wait to use your stuff on Lady Gaga’s messages when teaching both students and parents!

  42. Nick O’Donnell Tx, when i checked out the parent website, the thing I like about it is the topics and how they are relavent for today, for teens and for parents because so many of us as youth pastors struggle with the area of a parent ministry and this site help out a lot. From having no parents ministry relation to at lest having somethings. It is their on your web site we can find something to develop that parent ministry.

  43. I am from Pekin, IL. I think that your parents site has so much useful info that will not only help parents better understand their own children but can also be helpful for those that just feel ‘out of touch’ with teenagers. Awesome stuff!

  44. I am Rachael from Muleshoe, TX. I love the new parent site I actually recently emailed the link to all of our parents and have gotten some positive feedback from them about the site. Thanks for helping them the way you have been helping all of us YMs for years.

  45. I am Peggy from Lincoln, NE. As “older” youth leaders, my husband and I have enjoyed discussing many of your topics. We wish we would have known some of this stuff while raising our 4 girls! Great resource.

  46. Looks like there are a lot of nice articles and resources. Could use a visual update. And the “Ask the Source” section is pretty useless (but it may be unfinished?).

    -Chad (Cedar Rapids, IA)

  47. Gary from Bel Air, MD. I really like the Youth Culture articles and enjoy sharing them with my high school Sunday School class

  48. Youth Pastor Mike from Manitowoc, WI. The source4parents.com ROCKS! I encourage all of our students parents to go to the sight to educate themselves on today’s youth culture. We actually have it linked on our Student Ministries page on our website. Keep doing what you are doing. We appreciate it!

  49. Ben Raine from Regina Saskatchewan. As I have peered through sourceforparents.com I get excited as a youth pastor to be able to direct some of my students parents to articles which have been written regarding the music which their children enjoy. What a great way to equip myself and parents

  50. Great site Jonathan! Loved the article section. As a youth minister, I’ll be directing parents to your site! Thanks! By the way, this is Jeremy from Colorado Springs, CO! 🙂

  51. hey i’m mike from kansas city mo… i like the movie reviews on your parenting site.. you guys rock

  52. I’m Isaac from Indiana, and I think thesource4parents.com will be a great tool for youth ministers like myself to point parents to help them get a glimpse of what their child’s world is.

  53. Micah Harbison, Union City, TN. As a Full-Time Student minister I am constantly looking for practical resources for parents. Parents that are so confused about what their teens are going through and dealing with. thesource4parents.com has been an awesome place to send those parents. Thanks Guys for your investment!

  54. Hi my name is Valerie and I live in Florida. Wow..the youth culture window has some interesting info. and I’m looking forward to checking it all out.

  55. Hey, my name is Kelly from Hiawassee, GA…One of the things I most appreciate about all your articles from a parent’s point of view and as someone who works with youth daily is how you always have a finger on the pulse of the heartbeat of youth culture. Thesource articles are always relevant and always offer great tidbits of “what to do now” that is backed up with scripture. Keep on keepin’ on!

  56. It is fantastic to see a website that can be recommend to Parents! It is so important that Parent’s are involved in their child’s spiritual walk, Youth workers are here to support that, not the other way around. Especially loved the movies section, with reviews, appropriateness and ideas for discussions you can have with your children after watching. Awesome job guys!
    Rebecca, New Zealand

  57. Thanks for your blog, Jonathan. Still quite in shock over the culture our kids are about to face…but thankful to get some tips on HOW to help them face it Biblically. Mel & Jessica Korsmo (Denver, CO)

  58. Jullie Meyer from Murfreesboro, TN. This is my first time to this site. Awesome, I come back and share this informatin with my youth parents.

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