A Little Encouragement from the Field

Posted on: 08/7/08 3:07 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Most of you have seen the little contest we’re having on our website right now. Basically, we asked for feedback about my new book 10-Minute Talks. I’m really excited about this book. It’s a collection of story-driven talks and it comes with the free supplemental CD.

The contest is simple; everyone who submits their two cents gets their name put in a hat- and the name we draw wins the new iPhone 3G. Not too shabby.

I’ve been scanning some of the feedback we’ve been receiving so far- it’s pretty encouraging. Here’s a peek at a few:

I have just recently discovered Jonathan McKee and absolutely love his material!  I received his Ten Minute Talks through a pre-release order and took it to bed to review before I fell asleep!  I couldn’t put the book down!  When I finally did, and turned off the light, my head was swimming with “I could use that here….” and “Man that would really work with this….”  Needless to say, I’m hooked!   Jonathan uses REAL life to help kids make connections!  Getting them to be REAL with themselves and each other, encourages and entices them to get REAL with God!  Thank you for this valuable resources!  -Elise, Glen Allen, VA

A great must read, and must have for all of those devotional times for opening in events, pool parties, and other quick message times that all youth ministers have plenty of.  -Mark, Fort Worth, TX

I love and enjoy all the resources you provide, and this book is no different. I am learning that teaching through a good story is the best way to reach teenagers (adults too), and your book is full of powerful stories. I have used 2 of these talks already and the stories really grabs and holds my students attention and gets them thinking about the topic before they even realize they’re thinking about it; then when the scripture is read they are like “oh yeah… I get it.” The CD that is included in the book is amazing, because this allows me to adapt the talks to the way we do our Sunday morning program.  -Jeff, Chesapeake, VA

Here’s more about the contest if you’re interested: http://www.thesource4ym.com/iphonecontest/ … and more about the book here, including some feedback about it from a few names you’ll recognize.