“I Hate Recruiting” Contest

Posted on: 09/4/12 12:18 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s time for me to give away a few copies of my new book about recruiting & keeping volunteers! (WINNERS POSTED AT BOTTOM OF POST)

If you’re involved in church leadership, then you know the power of volunteers. You also are familiar with the daunting task of recruiting volunteers to hang out with kids, to teach Sunday School… to clean up after the junior high banana split night!

We’d all probably love more volunteers… but how do you ask? Besides, what if they say “no.”

I hate rejection.

Sadly, that fear of recruiting (and rejection) often keeps us from asking people to become involved in our ministries.

So let’s have a quick contest. Continue reading ““I Hate Recruiting” Contest”

Doctor’s Orders

Posted on: 09/3/12 1:43 PM | by Jonathan McKee

A little over a decade ago Lori and I used to go water-skiing and kneeboarding a few times a week. Then, due to a degenerative eye condition, I had to have cornea transplants. My doctor told me, “Pick a new sport.” Apparently when your eyeballs are sewn back together, they don’t do really well when they impact water at 30mph.

So for the last decade, every time I go on a boat with a friend… I drool. Then my wife looks at me the way a wife can look… and says, “Jonathan!!!” (which really means… “Don’t even think about it.”)

But every once in a while (like on our church family camp out this last weekend) I’ve gone out behind a boat on a kneeboard anyway. After all… I’m always really careful and don’t do anything stupid!


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