43 Years Old

Posted on: 08/3/12 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

My amazing wife Lori turns 43 this weekend… and she just keeps getting better and better!

Friday we both are taking the day off and just… chillin! We’re going cycling, kayaking, eating dinner at her favorite seafood place… I can’t wait! I love hangin with Lori!

A little while ago I blogged about Lori being born in 1969 and how many beautiful people come from that year!  🙂  This weekend we celebrate her getting even more beautiful and aging like a fine wine.

Happy Birthday Lori!

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I Love My ‘Fast Forward’ Button

Posted on: 08/1/12 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I love my DVR. No better invention… ever! (Sorry Edison, the light bulb was cool, but it doesn’t have a fast forward button!) The Olympics are so fun to watch when you have a fast forward button at your fingertips.

Funny thing… most Americans don’t use this wonderful invention.

Don’t believe me; check it out for yourselves. Nielsen releases quarterly reports with this data. They must have some guy with glasses and pencil who figures all this out, because Nielsen’s most recent Cross Platform Report (free registration to access this report revealing American TV viewing averages from the last quarter of 2011) reveals that the average American watches 33 hours a week of traditional TV. That means just turning on a live TV and sitting through commercials.

That same Average American only watches Continue reading “I Love My ‘Fast Forward’ Button”