Speaking with Alec

Posted on: 02/7/11 12:57 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m back from my weekend speaking with my son Alec in Wisconsin; we had a great time together. Not only did we get a chance to tour Chicago on the way up, but we also got to share the stage and speak together one night.

Alec did phenomenal!

On Saturday night he shared his experiences being bullied, then shared some research about how “one friend can make a difference” in a kid’s life. He echoed that research with personal testimony, emphasizing how much he had longed for just “one friend.”

The response was amazing. Kids and adults were walking up to Alec afterwards and talking with him, sharing their stories, and asking him questions. I think it surprised Alec how many people connected with his story.

I closed the evening providing examples of what the compassion and love outlined in Phil 2 looks like: making friends with someone different than you, sitting with them at lunch, maybe even sacrificing some time with your existing friends to “sit on the bus” next to someone new. It all starts with “humility” –realizing that we can’t do it on our own and letting Christ love others through us!

The whole weekend of ministry was fun. I shared the Gospel on Friday night using the prodigal son story (the same one that I provide in my book, Do They Run When They See You Coming? as an example of how to share the Gospel. It’s also in the form of a ready-made talk with small group questions in my book, 10-Minute Talks). The adult leaders loved the small group questions for the weekend. Personally, I think that small group “digestion” immediately after the speaker is always the way to go– so I always provide small group questions when I speak.

Thanks for your prayers! I think we’ll be hearing an official “pizza report” from Alec later on in the week!  🙂

Fox Rejects John 3:16 Ad

Posted on: 02/4/11 9:19 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Wow… that’s too bad.

Fox just rejected a Super Bowl commercial that shows a guy looking up the meaning of John 3:16– good commercial by the way. Check it out:

(If you don’t see the embedded video, jump on my blog to see it)

Hmmmmm. How do you feel about this?

According to the Hollywood reporter, the network rejected the spot because it advanced specific beliefs. I guess there are several ways to look at this. First- we might think that’s really unfair. But on the other hand… how would you feel if there were commercials for Buddhism or Hinduism? (Funny side note: I had to ask my son Alec how to spell  Buddhism. He spelled it right the first time. I asked him, “How did you know that?” He said, “Well, after seeing that in our school textbooks a million times, I know how to spell Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, etc… but I’ve forgotten how to spell Christianity!”  LOL)

(ht to Todd Pearage)

Contest Winners

Posted on: 02/3/11 11:58 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s time to announce the winners to our little contest.

As most of you know, last week I offered up any one of my seven books currently in print to 10 different people who would simply jump on our new MUSIC and MOVIE CLIP discussion pages and just rate the resource and/or post a comment. Here’re all the details of the contest.

Pretty simple. Hundreds of comments and ratings posted… 10 winners. Here they are.


I just sent these 10 people emails congratulating them.

For the rest of you… you’re winners too (now I sound like that teacher at school… you know the one)… because you can make great use of our free MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS and MUSIC DISCUSSIONS. Please continue to post your comments and rate them one through five stars, helping make it an even better resource!

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Will I get to Chicago?

Posted on: 02/2/11 3:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

The front page of my Sacramento paper today shows a picture of a bunch of people on the streets of Chicago walking through a blizzard. The paper provided details of horrible weather conditions and canceled flights, basically warning people, “I hope you don’t plan to fly to Chicago this week!”

Sigh! Tomorrow (Thursday) my son Alec and I are flying to Chicago and then driving up to Wisconsin where I’m speaking at a camp for the weekend. Our original flight has already been canceled and we have been rebooked to come in later in the evening. The temperature will be 8 degrees when we land, -9 degrees with wind chill factor. (And those of you who have been to Chicago and felt that breeze blowing across the lake KNOW how cold that wind chill factor really is!!!)

Despite the delay, if our plane actually gets to Chicago, I plan on giving Alec a little “taste” of Chicago. We’re gonna hit my favorite place, Giordano’s Pizza on the way up to the camp, and maybe even a taste of Gino’s or Lou’s on the way down. (Those of you in the know… what’s your favorite Chicago pizza place? Comment below)

Pray for our speaking weekend. I share the Gospel on Friday night, and then on Saturday night I’m talking about bullying– how one person can make a difference (using Philippians 2:1-5). Alec will be sharing a little too, sharing his story. Many of you have heard a little of our experience being bullied in my article, Voices of the Bullied, I wrote a few months ago. Also pray that I can survive an entire weekend with a camp full of Packer fans on a Green Bay Super Bowl weekend! (Aye, aye, aye!)

If you want to hear some of the highlights, I’ll tweet our experiences throughout the weekend.

Sunday afternoon we’re going to catch the first half of the Super Bowl on an airport TV (I know… lame!) and then board our flight home just after halftime. Hopefully the pilot will keep us posted of the score…

… that is, if we make it to Chicago!

Wow! That’s a lot of mistakes!

Posted on: 02/1/11 10:12 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… my poor web guy had a bad day yesterday. I’ll keep it simple– a bunch of stuff broke, and he worked a 20-hour day trying to fix everything.

That being said… our annual Super Bowl Quiz that we sent out to our EZINE subscribers this morning was ROYALLY MESSED UP!!! (to put it nicely)

No worries. We’ve got it all corrected and sent out a new “Big Game Quiz” to all our EZINE subscribers (you can sign up to subscribe to our free EZINE at the top right of TheSource4YM.com). So if you’re looking for a CORRECT copy of the quiz, CLICK HERE. (where I also detail exactly how we dealt with my web guy!)

NEW NOTE: Another mistake on the answer for number 37. The answer is actually C. The Steelers have only won 6 Super Bowls. (Now I’ll have to have Todd tortured as well)

Also, if you missed my blog yesterday, be sure to tune into the Law Abiding Texan informing us on what we can and cannot do this year at our “Big Game” party (that’s right, we can’t even call it a Super Bowl Party). CLICK HERE for that blog.

Enjoy the game! (I’m gonna enjoy half of it!)

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