10 Years of Free Resources

Posted on: 01/18/10 2:28 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I can hardly believe it, but 10 years ago today I sent out my first resource “EZINE” newsletter from my little website, back then, called JonathansResources.com

I used Alexa.com’s “Wayback” machine to look back at what our site looked like 10 years ago (pretty cool little tool). Here’s what it looked like:

Pretty cool huh?

You can actually get on that page and click around here. I love the little pics on the front page, the game page, etc. Wow… I hardly remember those.

Tomorrow I’m going to send out a “retro” EZINE to our subscribers… I’ll be sending them a copy of the first EZINE we ever sent. You can actually still see all those old EZINES on our ARTICLE ARCHIVES page from the ARTICLES & FREE TRAINING drop down menu of our current site at www.TheSource4YM.com … just get on that archives page and scroll to the bottom to our first article on January 18th 2000.

For those of you new to us, back in 2000 I worked for Youth for Christ and volunteered at my church. I started JonathansResources.com as a fun little hobby simply because I noticed that hardly anyone was providing truly free youth ministry resources on the internet for free. Some people had websites with a few freebies… but no sites dedicated to totally free youth minsitry resources. So I gave it a shot.

It grew to be such a hit, and at the same time my speaking and training was taking off, so in 2003 we started TheSource4YM.com and went full time speaking, training, and providing free resources on the net.

The rest is history!

5 Replies to “10 Years of Free Resources”

  1. Thanks for the help, encouragement, and even making me pause to consider many things. For the last five years I have looked to your site for information, games, and just to waste time!

  2. I don’t recall if I was subscribing to the ezine at the time or if I was just aware of jonathansresources.com but the flour in the nylons game was one of the first games I ever did with students…come to think of it, almost exactly 10 years ago this month. Thanks for a decade of great ideas, ministry support and spiritual encouragement.

  3. I can remember when you started…I thought you were nuts! Giving away ideas…unheard of! But you and your ministry have been a blessing to me in so many ways. Thanks for doing what you do and following where God leads no matter how “nuts” the rest of the world thinks it is.

  4. CONGRATS! a Decade of Decadence and Discipleship, certainly. Here’s to 10 more … I know when I left YFC a few short years ago, I was encouraged to follow you as a result of your work with them. Now, I am please to say, I’ve been with you solidly since ’02. May God continue to bless your work at The Source.

  5. Hello, I use this side since 2003. I did a Mission Trip to South-Africa,and visited a fantastic youth group with so cool games there. When I asked the leader about his ideas, he gave me the adress. So I brought it back to Germany where I use it now. You do a great job. Thank you very much.

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