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Is Abstinence-Only Education Really Ineffective?

So let me ask a simple question: How many sex educators and condom advocators are letting kids know this? Continue Reading

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Porn in plain sight

One of the first online articles I saw was titled, “My Hookup With a Pop Star.” Apparently every Wednesday Cosmo posts an excerpt from what they call an “exceptional Wettpad fictional story.” What I didn’t realize is that I would be reading porn. And no, I’m not just using that word to describe something a little bit sensual, I really mean it in the true sense of the word. The story described the play by play of a sexual encounter in explicit detail. Continue Reading

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why STDs are at an unprecedented high

As a guy who has my eyes on these articles every day, I wouldn’t dare suggest one specific cause of this increase in STDs. It’s probably a little messier than that. Sadly, I see a multitude of sources providing misinformation about sexual activity… Continue Reading

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