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Men really hate solitude

People were so set, in fact, on settling for a distraction, that Wilson decided to give them an uncomfortable one, just to see how badly they needed it. He gave them ability to give themselves an electric shock. Continue Reading

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Media Fast

No TV, no music, no texting, no movies, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Tumbler… Sounds like teenage Hell! Some teenagers might describe it as that, but about 100 kids at our church have opted to do this for 25 days. … Continue Reading

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My Baby in Uganda

As I’m stepping on a plane to NC today for a weekend of teaching, it’s actually my second trip to the airport within the last 24 hours. Yesterday Lori and I dropped off my daughter Alyssa, my dad and my … Continue Reading

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Eye Stitches

Sounds painful, huh? This Thursday I go in for the third attempt to motivate my right eye to better take correction. That means a couple stitches, this time, with a day or two running start of antibiotics. Many of you … Continue Reading

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Doctor’s Provide First Sign of Good News

On Saturday I went to my eye doctor’s for my 6th day in a row… but for the first time heard a piece of good news! “I think the meds are working! No surgery needed for now.” As the doctor … Continue Reading

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Zombie Eye

I just arrived home from my 5th day straight of my right eye being poked and injected by the doctor. I’m drugged up pretty good right now, only hurts a little to look at the computer screen. I thought I’d … Continue Reading

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blog silence

I’m sorry for the blog and email silence. In short, having some eye problems that started from cornea transplants a decade ago. The last few weeks I’ve had more stitches put in my right eye to try to correct vision, … Continue Reading

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Pre-Blessed Food

It’s funny how this generation of young people actually will just sit around and watch You-Tube videos. My daughters will frequently just hang around the computer with their friends saying, “Oh wait, have you seen this one!” And then they … Continue Reading

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Pray for Us

I’d really appreciate your prayers for my family, especially this weekend. All five of us are doing ministry in different directions… and one has a 103.5 temperature! (More on that in a minute) Last night I dropped off my wife … Continue Reading

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David’s Debate Results

Well, David has finished his pornography debate at the University of South Florida. Late last night, he emailed me to let me know of his immense gratitude for the prayers from The Source’s users. He also gave me some details … Continue Reading

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