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26 years with this girl

Today Lori and I celebrate 26 years of marriage, and it’s kinda weird… but we still like each other! Continue Reading

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Recruiting Volunteers… in Hawaii?

Lori and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this week, and that’s why I was pretty excited when the county of Maui booked my dad and I to teach a workshop on the island this Friday on mobilizing the … Continue Reading

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A dad’s words giving away his daughter

This was powerful. Wow! I won’t mess it up by talking about it. Just watch this little YouTube clip of a dad’s words as he gave away his daughter in marriage: I’m totally inspired for when I give away my … Continue Reading

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Death of the Dining Room

As families and friends gather together for the holidays, the big question I have is… where will they gather? Their dining room? The kitchen? It’s funny how much you can tell about a society’s social norms solely from the changes … Continue Reading

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A Book All Husbands Should Read

A couple weeks ago Doug Fields finally released a book I’ve been eagerly awaiting, a candid marriage book to men titled, 7 Ways to Be Her Hero. Speaking frankly, I’m just not that excited about most marriage books. Many of them … Continue Reading

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The Bro App

Okay, this is either really hilarious… or really sad. It’s called the BroApp. A couple of Australian tech guys noticed a market for a product that would help irresponsible “bros” text their girlfriends regularly to tell them they care. Hmmmmm… … Continue Reading

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A Heart for the Unnoticed

Do you notice that kid who seems to disappear under the radar? In the shadow of a tragic teen suicide, and a weekend training youth workers to notice and connect with teenagers, I was pleasantly surprised by a film that, … Continue Reading

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The Perfect Man

“I want a man who…” That’s how her paper started. My daughter just graduated from High School last week and will be heading to California Baptist University in a few months. In the shuffle of paperwork flowing through her room, … Continue Reading

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A Week Off

I just spent a week hanging out with my bride on vacation. We used some airline miles and hotel points and went to a tropical escape (a pic I took yesterday) for 6 nights… and wow! It was so nice … Continue Reading

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The Delusion of the American Dream

Last week a youth worker friend called me up and began asking questions and advice about personal finances. The gist of his question was, “How is a youth worker supposed to try to make ends meet when starting a family, … Continue Reading

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