Lady Gaga Super Bowl Performance

Hey… just wanted to hit you with a quick post in the middle of the game. Lady Gaga just performed what some are already calling a “mediocre” Super Bowl Halftime performance. A little harsh commentary, I think. If Gaga isn’t scandalous, they call her boring.

And you wonder why so many are trying scandalous.

Here’s a quick recap of her performance in case you were curios of what she sang.

A truly uneventful performance as Gaga is concerned. Lady Gaga is super talented, but sadly, in years past she often relied on highly sexualized performances. This was actually really tame by comparison.

Did she gather the attention of America? Big time. Over 41,000 Tweets per minute were people talking about Gaga during her performance.

Here was her set:

She opened singing one line from I’m on the Edge (lyrics), but segued immediately to a set of six songs, in part:

Poker Face (lyrics)

Born This Way (lyrics) (Our article about this song)

Telephone (lyrics) (My blog about this song)

Just Dance (lyrics)

She briefly talked to her audience, saying: “How you doing Texas, America, world? We’re going to make you feel good. Do you wanna feel good?”

Million Reasons (lyrics)

Bad Romance (lyrics)

Now. Let’s see if Atlanta can keep their lead!!!

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One Response to Lady Gaga Super Bowl Performance

  1. Jolyn Safron says:

    I was thrilled that Lady Gaga’s performance wasn’t scandalous and I definitely don’t think it was boring. It seemed to be a relatively family-friendly performance – a marked improvement over the Super Bowl halftime shows over the last couple years. She definitely must be in good shape to do all the running around/dancing/gymnastics she was doing and still be able to sing!