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TV Christianity

In my lifetime I’ve noticed a huge shift in opinion about Christians and the local church… and it ain’t been good! “Christian” is rapidly becoming a naughty word. If you ever turn on TV or go to the movies, it’s … Continue Reading

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On TV Last Week

Last week I was interviewed on live TV, the Canadian TV show 100 Huntley Street, sharing ideas from my new book about how to actually connect with our kids who can’t seem to pry their eyes from their mobile devices. … Continue Reading

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Your Honest Feedback

If you’d ever wanted to share your two cents on a book before it was published… now’s your chance. I’m looking for a small group of people who would be willing to screen my new book, “If I Had a … Continue Reading

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same place same device

I’m beginning to do a lot of radio interviews again with the release of my new book, and somehow this question always comes up: What is the biggest issue parents are dealing with today? I don’t even have to blink, … Continue Reading

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8th Grader’s Amazing Impersonations of Trump, Clinton and Sanders

The video is going viral. It’s garnered literally a million new views since I saw it 12 hours ago. It’s an 8th grader’s graduation speech. This is no grad speech I’ve ever heard. His name is Jack Aiello, and he … Continue Reading

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Are Today’s Teens Taking Less Risks?

Are kids having more sex than years prior? Are kids smoking more or less pot? What about texting and driving? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just released their brand new Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a study released every other … Continue Reading

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Giving you a free book

I’ll make it simple: anyone who buys my brand new book on Amazon (the Kindle version released TODAY!), and posts an “Amazon verified purchase” review… I’ll send you any one of my parenting books for free… and personally sign it … Continue Reading

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I want the truth… kind of

In 1992 Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson gave incredible performances in the riveting movie, A Few Good Men. In their memorable exchange, Nicholson’s character Col. Nathan Jessup barked out a line so profound that it made it into the AFI’s … Continue Reading

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