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Top Tunes of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, it’s always intriguing to look back at what young people were listening to. Many of you may remember exactly how much young people value music from our recent Youth Culture Window article about entertainment … Continue Reading

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Best Movie of the Decade

I just saw the best movie I’ve seen in a decade… twice! For those who have been following my Insta or Twitter… you’ve been hearing little blips of my excitement about the new Star Wars film that premiered this weekend. … Continue Reading

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Top TV in 2015

What are the top shows Americans are watching in 2015? Nielsen just cranked out the results. But note that I said, “Americans” …not American teens or American families. That’s a huge difference, simply because Grandpa watches a whole lot more … Continue Reading

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Honestly, if I were to choose the word for the year 2015, it would be “honestly.” Young people can’t answer a question without using the word. Continue Reading

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Want a Sneak Peak?

Many of you have been hearing the buzz about my upcoming book, 52 Ways to Connect With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid: How to Engage with Kids Who Can’t Seem to Pry Their Eyes from Their Devices (NOW AVAILABLE). Would you … Continue Reading

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Teens’ Advice for Parents

“Don’t yell as much.” “Don’t stress over the little things.” “Let me learn from my mistakes.” From the mouths of babes. I love hearing the teen perspective on parenting. And that’s exactly what Elise just received in 20/20. Elise is … Continue Reading

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