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9 selfies per week

She holds her phone up at a high angle and strikes a sexy pose. “Click.” She inspects the picture. “Nope. Too much arm fat.” She tries again. After four or five tries she captures the image she wants. Now to … Continue Reading

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Book Cover Winners

Thanks to so many of you last week who gave me feedback on my blog about my new book cover. I, and my publisher, both really appreciate it! It was great to hear what you all thought. I turned it … Continue Reading

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Which book cover do you like?

My publisher just sent me two sample covers for the new book I’m writing to parents about connecting with their “Smartphone obsessed” kids. Which cover do you like better? Use the comment feature below… in fact… anyone who includes their … Continue Reading

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Top 10 Things I Learned After 1 Week in an RV

Just got back on a really fun trip, just me, Lori and my parents for one week in an RV, traveling 1,000 miles across four states, from Boise, through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We all had a great time. … Continue Reading

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3 Tips to Keeping Connected with Your Kids… without Becoming That Creepy Parent

A brand new study asking U.S. teens and their parents about their social media and mobile app use revealed some intriguing insights, not only about teen’s attitudes about tech, but about how connected… er… disconnected parents really are from their … Continue Reading

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MTV Helps Kids Make Sense of the World?

“No art form in the world captures moments like this more powerfully than music. Music helps us make sense of the world. A song can elevate a movement.” –Jussie Smollett of Fox’s Empire, in his speech at the MTV VMA’s, … Continue Reading

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