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Andy Stanley on Parenting Middle Schoolers

I love Andy Stanley, and since my passion is to provide parents with good parenting tools… this video is a gold mine! The video is an interview with Andy Stanley about parenting middle schoolers– a great free piece to show … Continue Reading

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Was he right?

It’s the most effective question provoking discussion with teenagers. Three simple words: Was he right? Whenever you encounter something debatable or controversial, just ask the question. Don’t lecture. Just ask and be quiet. It gets young people talking and adults … Continue Reading

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Loving Jurassic World

Quality movies have been difficult to find of late. I’m a big “movie buff” and lately I actually find myself going to the theatre less and less, not because of time or money… but because of lack of selection. Enter … Continue Reading

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They are just so… SKINNY!

Last week a brand new set of books hit the shelves that are SO SKINNY…. any youth worker can read them! Yeah, even that one intern! Group Publishing had a creative idea of grabbing 6 authors on 6 vital youth … Continue Reading

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Coming to SoCal, Little Rock, Louisville…and more

My fall is almost booked solid, but I might be already coming to your area. So take a quick glance at my speaking calendar and see if your church would like to take advantage of any of these openings when … Continue Reading

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Somethin’ a lil’ different with my teenagers

We were bored and looking for something to do for the day, something… different. 20+ years as a youth worker, I go back to my youth worker connections when I want to do something fun with my girls and their … Continue Reading

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Parents Adapting to Survive

Parenting is hard! Really hard. In fact, if you ever meet a parent who says it’s easy… don’t listen to them. I’m serious. They’re either lying… or they don’t have children. Effective parenting requires a hefty learning curve. In fact, … Continue Reading

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