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Diversity of Maturity in Middle School

A few weeks ago I talked with a group of middle school students about sex. As always, it was intriguing to notice the diversity of maturity around the room. I saw a 75 pound 6th grade boy who looked like … Continue Reading

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Recruiting Your Volunteer Dream Team

Have you ever sat in church on a Sunday morning, looked around the room and coveted volunteers? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I’ll notice a young couple I know sitting across the isle who are fun, relevant and on fire … Continue Reading

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A dad’s words giving away his daughter

This was powerful. Wow! I won’t mess it up by talking about it. Just watch this little YouTube clip of a dad’s words as he gave away his daughter in marriage: I’m totally inspired for when I give away my … Continue Reading

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Growing After Graduation

Remember all that hype about the 5%? I think I heard it like this. “Do you know that only 5% of Christian students actually keep their faith when they graduate from high school?” Really? 5%? Someone said it once, printed … Continue Reading

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Developing Student Leaders

This week I received a great question in the form of a tweet, one I’ve been asked repeatedly about mentoring young people. Youth pastor Brandon asked me about developing today’s student leaders. He finished reading my book, Ministry By Teenagers, … Continue Reading

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Actually Reaching Kids Experiencing Same Sex Attraction

“We have a girl in our youth group who has decided she is a lesbian…” “I want to share what the Bible says about homosexuality, but I’m afraid it’s going to just build walls instead of breaking them down.” “My … Continue Reading

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