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Nicki Minaj and Other Top Female Role Models

This last Sunday night MTV revealed something new about today’s most popular music stars… they are mostly female. It was an incontestable reality at MTV’s VMAs this year. Ladies swept the awards. In fact they won almost every single award … Continue Reading

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In Your City

Finally… someone created an online hub for Christian happenings! It’s like this. Every time someone brings me out to their city to speak they always want to publicize their event, their training, or their conference… and depending on the city, … Continue Reading

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My Top 10 Post Surgery Activities

This morning, as you read this, I’m being rolled into surgery for a rotator cuff repair. It’s been six weeks since I first tore my shoulder (something I’ve replayed in my mind over and over again, regretting more and more … Continue Reading

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Should I Watch Game of Thrones, PART II

In my previous post I discussed the growing popularity and availability of sexually-charged entertainment, shows like Game of Thrones or the upcoming movie, 50 Shades of Grey. Popularity, availability… how about the morality of these shows? In a world where … Continue Reading

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