Son of God Movie

son_of_god_movie_posterI usually try to keep up with upcoming films, but this one caught me off guard, a new film about the life of Jesus, coming to the theater this February.

The film is titled, Son of God. I saw the preview for the film when my family all went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (really fun movie- worth seeing in the theater) the afternoon of it’s release. It was an interesting set of previews before the PG Mitty, with both Son of God and Noah (coming in March). It’s intriguing to see a surge of upcoming films telling Biblical stories (including one I’m a little nervous about).

Apparently Son of God is based on the History Channel’s miniseries The Bible, featuring scenes from the series and footage from the cutting room floor.

Here’s the preview:

What are your expectations with this movie?

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5 Responses to Son of God Movie

  1. Paul Turner says:

    I know the story and I really don’t need to see Jesus in all his cinematic glory, but I have to remind myself that these movies are not for me. More and more people, especially teenagers, in our culture do not know the story of Jesus and I need to use opportunities like Son of God and Noah as faith building opportunities for my teens.

    I am looking forward to Noah more so than Son of God because it’s a rare story to see come to screen. I also like Russel Crowe and believe he will do the role justice.

  2. dan manns says:

    lookin forward to Noah but I don’t know what it is about Jesus movies – i don’t like them. Maybe because no actor could ever come close to the real deal – with no offense to Jim Caviezel.

  3. Sean says:

    Cash grab for the Jesus movie.

    Can’t wait to see the reaction to Noah. Personally I think it will be good, though i worry about the disaster movie marketing. I expect somethimg more out of Aronofsky. Still, I don’t think the Christian audience will find it as pleasing. In fact it already has Christian opposition from a recent screening, and because of that there is worry that the movie that Darren intended to make will be cut up so as not to displease the religious masses.

  4. Bryan says:

    The Bible was pretty good as it actually stayed relatively true to scripture, especially for the last half about Jesus (I can pardon Ninja angels in Sodom). My wife and I enjoyed watching that series and following along with the Bible to find what they didn’t do according to the Bible. I haven’t seen a screening of Noah, but from what I’ve read, I’d never use it to teach teenagers the account of flood. Considering they take one chapter and expand it to a >2hour movie, you can imagine what sort of additives Hollywood placed in— moreover, they’ve changed some exceedingly basic details that are part of that short biblical account.

  5. Trevor says:

    My favorite part is the English accents of the First Century Palestinians. 😉