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The VMAs: Insight into Our Kids Music

What music videos are most teens watching? What songs fill your teens’ music library in that device in their pocket? Which artists are the biggest role models for young people today? What truths are your teens gleaning from these heroes? … Continue Reading

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Video Interview

Last week I did a few interviews about parenting, youth ministry and springboarding conversations with young people today. Paul Turner posted his Google+ video interview up on YouTube already; some of you might find it fun to eavesdrop into our … Continue Reading

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What We’ll See at the MTV VMAs Sunday

MTV is rolling out the heavy hitters this year for the 2013 VMAs: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis… practically everyone teens want to see. The question is: what will young people take away … Continue Reading

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Parenting 17-year-olds like 18-year-olds

The last 6 months I’ve been conducting a little experiment; but, instead of using rats… I used my daughter. No, I didn’t cage her, send her through a maze and reward her with pellets. I did something a little more … Continue Reading

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Skeptical about Zombies

Not a lot of people know exactly how many hurdles I encountered trying to publish a Christian book for teenagers with the word “zombie” in the title. I won’t name publishers, but I had several tell me verbatim, “Sorry, we … Continue Reading

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Flying to Uganda

On September 2nd I fly to Uganda to train youth workers and parents in the city of Kampala… and I am SOOOOooooooo out of my comfort zone! I’m not talking about lions, huts or language barriers… I’m talking about “preparation.” … Continue Reading

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Meme Contest

For any of you who have teenagers or work with teenagers, you know what a “meme” is. Those crazy little pictures with a funny caption that teenagers pass along to each other (often from iFunny, reddit, or even Google images). … Continue Reading

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Time to Tweet

One of the fun ways I enjoy keeping you current is through 140 characters or less! (Isn’t that brevity lovely!) I’m speaking of Twitter, of course, and this month I’m rewarding you for following my Tweets with some fun contests, … Continue Reading

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Discipling Teenagers

In the nineties youth ministry was so focused on ‘effective outreach,’ often ‘effective spiritual growth’ was moved to the back burner. This went on for about a decade, until the church had to begin doing triage with kids who had … Continue Reading

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Responding to The Jonas Brothers’ New Music Video

I like to keep an eye on the music charts and see what young people are putting in their heads. The next few months, and even weeks, will be interesting, because new music is on its way from Katy Perry … Continue Reading

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