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Talk with Your Kids about Drinking

My dad saw this commercial and sent me the link. I love how it captures the conversations parents should have, need to have… and struggle to have… with their pre-teens and teens. A couple of great things I like

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Teenagers and YouTube

I went camping last weekend with about 20 families from my church, all families with teenagers. I always look forward to this time away from technology. It’s fun to see teenagers sitting around campfires, swimming in a lake, hiking… probably … Continue Reading

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Nudity and Sex… No Big Deal

We’ve seen an increase in nudity and sensuality on TV, in Music Videos, and other entertainment media in the last few years. Should we be concerned? Is America concerned? STD rates are up in my city and up to 23% … Continue Reading

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Proud Daddy

Saturday was a fun day for me as a dad and a husband. I, once again, participated in Sacramento’s “no swim” triathlon called Eppie’s Great Race… but this time my wife and my daughter did it too. My daughter Alyssa … Continue Reading

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Experiencing New York City

This past week I took my 15-year-old daughter Ashley on one of my speaking trips, speaking 8 times in three states… then two days in New York City just for fun! Rather than blabbing all about it… here’s the picture … Continue Reading

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3 Best Practices Developing Young Leaders

I just heard my friend Doug Fields share three “best practices” developing young leaders helpful not only in the context of youth ministry, but also in the context of parenting. Doug is a big believer in developing young leaders. In … Continue Reading

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Evolution of the Bikini

How do most guys respond when they see a woman in a bikini? That’s what a group of men at Princeton sought to discover. In their study they showed men photographs of scantily clad women and observed brain activity. “They … Continue Reading

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Speaking in NJ, DE, IL and More

This week my daughter and I are hopping on a plane Wednesday to fly out to PA and speak at the third and final Student Leadership Conference for 2013. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there. Then we … Continue Reading

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Blocking Unwanted Web Sites

“What can I do to block my kids from wandering onto bad web sites?” That’s the gist of the question I hear at least once a week and at every one of my parenting workshops. I just heard it from … Continue Reading

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