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The Paradoxical World of Teens

Marko just wrote an amazing article for our parenting page this week about the paradoxical world of teenagers. If you have a young teenager in your home… you probably have experienced this. Here’s just a snippet of that article: They … Continue Reading

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Google Glass 101

Are those some new bizarre type of reading glasses? No… those are Google Glass, the newest attempt from Google to take the next step into the future of technology. I can’t think of Google Glass without the recent Saturday Night … Continue Reading

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5 Years of Miley

“Yikes. Now she is getting crazy.” “Miley? Knock knock… U still in there… (broken heart icon)” “She’s trying way too hard and it’s embarrassing to watch.” Those are the top three comments on Miley Cyrus’ new We Can’t Stop music … Continue Reading

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Motivating Young People to Get Involved

WHY do young people get involved? HOW do you get them involved? What should we NOT do, when trying to get young people involved? In this short and highly informative YouTube video from last year’s The Summit conference (from Youth … Continue Reading

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Students We Call “Orphans”

I always enjoy hearing from youth workers who used the free “Connect” training we provide on the FREE TRAINING TOOLS page on our website. Also referred to as “The Sticky-notes Training,” this little exercise is a fun training where you … Continue Reading

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Teenage Tech Advice

Last week I had the privilege of teaching at Doug Field’s 2013 Student Leadership Conference in Dallas (the next two are in July). Wednesday night when I arrived, I interviewed a bunch of student leaders, recording their answers for my … Continue Reading

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Smartphone Ownership Still Rising

Every time a new report is released, the numbers have grown even bigger. The smartphone craze is still full throttle. Even 42% of American mobile subscribers over 55-years-old now own smartphones. That’s a whole lot of mobile Facebooking! A couple … Continue Reading

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Man of Steel Tickets

Summer movies are always fun, especially when they involve super heroes… and free movie tickets! So you’re gonna like this. I’ve got two movie passes for anywhere in the US to the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, opening this … Continue Reading

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We Can’t Stop

Miley’s new single just hit the charts last week, immediately souring to #1 on iTunes. The song is titled We Can’t Stop, and if you wanna know what she can’t stop… just Google the lyrics. Here’s a glimpse: It’s our … Continue Reading

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Coming to AZ, IL, DE… and the uttermost parts of the earth

As the school year wraps up and summer begins, I’m starting to get numerous bookings to speak or teach workshops across the US. This gives me an opportunity to connect with many of you (starting this Saturday, when I’ll be … Continue Reading

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