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I’m really excited about the training labs I’m teaching this weekend at YSPalooza Chicago, because the two topics I’m teaching are addressing two of the biggest training needs I notice in youth ministries across the U.S. I know that might … Continue Reading

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Bang with Friends

Friends with benefits, hooking up, no strings attached… it has many names. But now technology is making it even easier, because this app takes all the guessing out of the equation. If only it could erase the consequences. If you … Continue Reading

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Scream & Shout

The music industry is at it again, pimping easily accessible smut for our kids’ eyes and ears. This time, it’s a new music video from Will I Am… and most parents don’t have a clue. That’s what scares me the … Continue Reading

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My Baby in Uganda

As I’m stepping on a plane to NC today for a weekend of teaching, it’s actually my second trip to the airport within the last 24 hours. Yesterday Lori and I dropped off my daughter Alyssa, my dad and my … Continue Reading

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A Simple Little Contest

WINNERS POSTED AT BOTTOM NOW. I’ve got an exciting speaking schedule in the next few months, starting with the East Coast this weekend at this church in Raleigh, NC. I always like to let you know when I’m coming to … Continue Reading

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Replacing Monologue with Dialogue

What is the biggest impact an adult can make in the life of a young person? I don’t even have to blink. The answer is, constant dialogue. The key word there is dialogue, not monologue. Adults are pretty good at … Continue Reading

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Teenagers and Their Screens

Which screens are teenagers clocking the most time in front of? The answer has always overwhelmingly been the traditional TV. But, as a guy who spends a few hours a day researching youth culture, I’m not sure that it’s going … Continue Reading

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What 110 Million Viewers Gleaned from CBS

Some might wonder why 110 million worldwide viewers gathered yesterday to watch a game, which, when the guys with the pencil protectors finish their calculations, will probably turn out to be the most-watched TV show in U.S. history. Maybe it … Continue Reading

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