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Mom’s iPhone Rules

He begged his Mom for an iPhone, and finally received it on Christmas day… along with a very personal and detailed iPhone contract… written by his mom! 13-year-old Greg seems like any other middle school kid, but his mom, Janelle … Continue Reading

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Tossing Aside Innocence… in 1954

Last weekend I saw something so relevant to youth culture today that it could have been created last week. As it is… it was painted in the 1950’s. Saturday my wife and I joined some friends and visited our local … Continue Reading

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Super Bowl Quiz

It’s almost Super Bowl time… and those of you have been receiving our youth ministry e-Zine via for the past few years know what that means. It means a fun little free resource we provide every year called the … Continue Reading

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Teenagers and SnapChat

One of the most popular apps teenagers are using today is an app that snaps a picture, sends to a friend… and then the picture disappears after just a few seconds. … or does it? I’m talking about Snapchat. I … Continue Reading

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Thrift Shop Goes No 1

If you hang out with teenagers, you’ve probably heard mention of the song or music video Thrift Shop by two guys whose names no one knew a month ago, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song (the explicit version) bounced in … Continue Reading

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The Delusion of the American Dream

Last week a youth worker friend called me up and began asking questions and advice about personal finances. The gist of his question was, “How is a youth worker supposed to try to make ends meet when starting a family, … Continue Reading

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The Power of Stories

This weekend I speak to hundreds of junior highers at one of my favorite camps, Timberlee in Wisconsin. Someone just asked me, “How do you keep the attention of today’s junior highers?” “Easy. Just tell em’ a story.” It’s amazing … Continue Reading

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Consuming Music… and Cheesecake

David and I finished our annual recap of the songs that went #1 in the past year, just posting Part II of the article on this week’s Youth Culture Window page (if you don’t receive that free Youth Culture Window … Continue Reading

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Coming to Your City

I’m starting to book some travel for my upcoming speaking and training, and I found a few gaps in my speaking calendar where some of you might want me to speak, train, or do a parent workshop at your church… … Continue Reading

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Best Movies of 2012

Each January I like to sit down with my movie reviewing buddy Todd Pearage and reflect back on our favorite films of the past year. This year was a fun year for films, especially superhero films. (The Avengers, Dark Knight … Continue Reading

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