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Does My Daughter Dress Slutty?

Most parents of teenage girls all have one struggle in common: the consistent battle over wardrobe! Two weekends ago I met with a handful of youth workers, and one of them was a mom of two teenage daughters. I, a … Continue Reading

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Parents Publicly Shame Daughter

We’ve all been in that awkward situation where we witness a parent publicly discipline or even shame their kid. How far is too far? This CNN News report reveals one couple’s approach to disciplining their teenager: (click here if you … Continue Reading

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Cyber Monday Deals All Week

It’s CYBER MONDAY, and everyone’s offering some great deals. Since I already provide all our online resources for free… I might as well offer a free book as well! And this deal will run all week. So here’s a free … Continue Reading

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My Artistic Skills

Every year when we break out the Christmas ornaments… my kids start making fun of my baby Jesus. Yes. I made it… when I was about 10 years old! It was a church ornament-making party and I made this amazing … Continue Reading

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Random Thankfulness

A simple and short post to share some of the random things that I’m thankful for this week: Old fashioned chocolate donuts The feeling 5 minutes into a kayak ride when you just notice the silence Encouragement from a friend … Continue Reading

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Americans Multi-Tasking Watching TV

According to Nielsen’s newest 2012 Cross Platform Report, Americans average 34 hours a week in front of the TV. The intriguing part of this is the way they’re watching TV… with a tablet or Smartphone in hand. Now that 58% … Continue Reading

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Soaking in Gungor

This past weekend has been exhausting… and refreshing. I had the privilege of teaching once again at the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC), this time in Dallas. I taught two workshops, shot three training videos and went to numerous meetings. … Continue Reading

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When Words and Actions Collide

What is evangelism really supposed to look like today? Feeding the poor? Knocking on doors and sharing the Gospel? I’m amazed how polar Christians become when discussing evangelism methodology. Half the group is passionate about sharing the Gospel with words; … Continue Reading

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Happy Autotuned Thanksgiving

I’m not really sure how to react to Nicole Westbrook’s YouTube sensation, It’s Thanksgiving. If it were a parody… it would be hilarious. But this video is as earnest as Rebecca Black’s It’s Friday, over-autotuned just the same, and perhaps … Continue Reading

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Raising Kids When Divorce Gets Ugly

I have a good friend who got married recently, and one of her wedding gifts was… two teenagers. That’s right, she married a divorced man who has partial custody of two teenagers. My friend drove out to one of my … Continue Reading

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