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More Than Just Method

Yesterday Todd sent me this and I couldn’t help but share it with you. (I love his honest “skepticism.”) Many of you might recognize his name… Todd Pearage is a full time youth pastor and father of three, who also … Continue Reading

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Running… for You!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I need your help. If you enjoy the free resources, articles and discussions that our ministry provides, here’s an opportunity for you to let us know. We only do this once a year– I … Continue Reading

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Skipping “The Mindy Project”

Fox’s new The Mindy Project began with good intentions, but that objective was quickly soiled with the typical inappropriate elements that contemporary television programming can’t seem to part with: crude humor, and poor role models who reek of imitatable negative … Continue Reading

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So Ya Wanna Date My Daughter?

Tonight Ashley is going to her first homecoming dance. She’s going with her friend Sam from church. I decided that it would be good to take a picture to capture the moment. (“You kids have fun!”)  

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Permission to Go to the Homecoming Dance

This morning Alyssa and I had an very honest and open conversation about the homecoming dance this coming weekend. I basically asked her, “Why am I letting you go?” I think you’ll find the conversation intriguing. This isn’t the first … Continue Reading

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A Serendipitous Moment

The day was taking a severe turn for the worse… how could this possibly turn out well? But 2 hours later I was experiencing manna from Heaven. (My Twitter followers know what I’m talking about—they heard me chiming in about … Continue Reading

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Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do

Wow. I’m a little disappointed in humanity right now. Scratch that… let me be more specific. I’m a little frustrated with my fellow Christians right now. A little while ago my friend Doug Fields and I Tweeted to our followers … Continue Reading

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The Top of the Charts… are Clean?

Is there any good music worth downloading? Speaking personally, I love music. My daughters and I share an iTunes account, and when one of us downloads a song, the other two automatically receives the download. Rarely will a week pass … Continue Reading

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Caring and Careless

“What’s the big deal?” “It’s no biggie!” “Who Cares!” Sound like something out of your teenager’s mouth? Then you’re not alone. If I had to describe today’s generation of young people in one sentence, I’d probably say something like this: … Continue Reading

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Coming to Both Coasts

I’ve got some great opportunities for many of you on either U.S. coast, and a few places in between: North Carolina First, this weekend, September 8 and 9, I’ll be teaching my CONNECT workshop Saturday, preaching, and teaching my PARENTING … Continue Reading

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