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Since Sex is a Reality in College…

Last month I attended too many graduation parties to count, high school seniors from our church saying goodbye to high school and hello to college. I wonder if their parents know what’s in store for them at Freshman orientation? The … Continue Reading

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The Messy Morality of Stripping

He’s a stripper, but he’s a good stripper, so that’s okay. Actually, all these strippers are stripping for a cause. That’s good… right? Pardon my alliteration, but teaching truth to today’s teenagers tends to be tricky! If young people are … Continue Reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Growing Up in the 80’s Ruled!

Ever just feel like ranting? I’m in a ranting mood. And as a child of the 80’s (well… that’s when I was a teenager anyway), I miss those good ol’ days. So here’s my top 10 list of why it … Continue Reading

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Easily Entertained

Okay… I admit it, I’m easily entertained. My son Alec was sitting in his room watching YouTube videos the other day, which catalysted a conversation between us where we were each sharing our favorites. Indeed, too many to list. But … Continue Reading

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Daddy… Notice Me

Last Sunday, on Father’s Day, I preached 4 services at a local church here in the Sacramento area. I gave a new talk for dads titled, “Daddy… Notice Me.” My typical routine is to manuscript the entire talk, but then … Continue Reading

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Ashley’s Note

It’s so good to have my kids all in the house. Alec is back from college and the girls are adjusting to having him around again. It’s been really fun overall, but I can’t say it’s been without incident. Yesterday … Continue Reading

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Greg Stier on “Real Conversations”

When I think of evangelism, I think of my buddy Greg Stier. Greg is the type of guy who can start a conversation with a cab driver, and the guy will put his trust in Christ before dropping off Greg … Continue Reading

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3 Costly Teenage Risky Behaviors

Are today’s teenagers engaging in more risky behaviors than before? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually produces a bi-annual report that looks for these answers, analyzing teenage risky behaviors like sexual activity, smoking, drinking, fighting, driving without … Continue Reading

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10 Ways to Scare Off Pushy Salesmen

How come our evangelism techniques sometimes feel like door-to-door “sales” trickery? I’ve been thinking a lot about evangelism lately, with the release of my new “Real Conversations” evangelism curriculum. In that curriculum I talk about how often our evangelism methodology … Continue Reading

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Four Numbers That Will Always Matter in Youth Ministry

Life is full of over-reactions…but they are abundant in youth ministry circles. Have you noticed these swings of the proverbial pendulum? “Outreach is needed!” “Wait, now we’re ignoring our believers!” “Outreach is bad!” “We could use events and programs to … Continue Reading

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