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New Book Cover

Yeah…some of my Twitter followers probably remembering me Tweeting about this upcoming book. I signed a contract with Zondervan right around the time my eye got infected, then have been pounding the keys a little here and there with someone … Continue Reading

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Who is Watching the MTV Movie Awards This Sunday and Why?

The MTV Movie Awards airs this Sunday night, a television event that is always over-the-top raunchy and irreverent, chock full of every celeb imaginable, and consequently, sure to attract enough teens and tweens to make it one of the most … Continue Reading

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The Mystery Tweet Contest

It’s happening in the next week or so… no one knows when or how. I’m not giving you the details, I’m just revealing the prize! It’s this simple. Starting right now, I’m sponsoring a “Mystery Tweet Contest” on my Twitter … Continue Reading

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Olympic Athlete Talks Candidly about Virginity

I’ve heard a lot of Christian celebrities talk about virginity…but never so candidly. I really like this video. I don’t know much about Olympic athlete Lolo Jones. I don’t know if she has a faith, or about many of the … Continue Reading

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A Few Open Spots

It never fails…I finish speaking in some city, and two days later I get an email, “I wish I knew you were going to be here! I would have come heard you speak!” I love meeting my readers around the … Continue Reading

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Just Don’t Leave Any Evidence

It usually works like this. Mike and Stephanie are “a thing.” Their relationship is the talk of their high school. Mike convinces Stephanie to send him a picture of her wearing a thong…or less. Stephanie does, because, after all, that’s … Continue Reading

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Eye Stitches

Sounds painful, huh? This Thursday I go in for the third attempt to motivate my right eye to better take correction. That means a couple stitches, this time, with a day or two running start of antibiotics. Many of you … Continue Reading

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Spot On about Sex

A little while ago I devoted five days of this blog to talking about, “talking about sex”…in explicit detail. Simply put: youth workers and parents often neglect talking about this subject and our kids are forced to figure it out … Continue Reading

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Get Your Teenagers Talking

“How was your day?” “Fine.” “How was school?” “Same as always.” “Much homework?” “Nope.” “Anything exciting happen?” “Naw.” “Nice talking with you.” Is it just me? Or do our kids have PhD’s in one-word answers? I just got back from … Continue Reading

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Ponytailed Pastor

I’ve never heard of a “ponytail” being used for the kingdom. But in the case of Mick… it’s the truth. Mick was nothing like I expected when I was introduced to the senior pastor at this small town Nebraskan church. … Continue Reading

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