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Dads and Junior Proms

My daughter Alyssa is a junior this year. The junior year brings numerous ‘rites of passage’ for a teenage girl. For Alyssa, it’s the year that she got her driver’s license, began working, took the SAT’s… and it’s also the … Continue Reading

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Doctor’s Provide First Sign of Good News

On Saturday I went to my eye doctor’s for my 6th day in a row… but for the first time heard a piece of good news! “I think the meds are working! No surgery needed for now.” As the doctor … Continue Reading

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Zombie Eye

I just arrived home from my 5th day straight of my right eye being poked and injected by the doctor. I’m drugged up pretty good right now, only hurts a little to look at the computer screen. I thought I’d … Continue Reading

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blog silence

I’m sorry for the blog and email silence. In short, having some eye problems that started from cornea transplants a decade ago. The last few weeks I’ve had more stitches put in my right eye to try to correct vision, … Continue Reading

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Using YouTube to Get Your Teenagers Talking

Last week my girls spontaneously engaged in a pleasant conversation with me about guidelines, expectations, and my parenting. It was an amazing talk! It probably lasted 30 to 40 minutes. It all started with a question I asked them when … Continue Reading

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Oh Yah! Dat’s a Good vun!

Blame me for stereotyping, but they really do talk that way in the city of Fargo, North Dakota! I just finished a fun weekend of speaking at a church in Fergus Falls in Minnesota, a small town about an hour’s … Continue Reading

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Fargo to MN… then MI, NE and CA

In the next two months I’ll be doing four parenting workshops in four different states. It all starts this weekend in the gigantic metropolis… Fergus Falls, MN. I love small towns. Tomorrow I’ll get a good taste of small town … Continue Reading

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Four Facts About Sex We Can’t Hush—FACT 4

This week I’ve shared a lot of “facts” about sex. Facts! Are facts the best way to communicate to young people today? Facts are necessary, especially when you’re talking about sex. But nothing beats the power of a personal story. … Continue Reading

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