blog silence

I’m sorry for the blog and email silence.

In short, having some eye problems that started from cornea transplants a decade ago. The last few weeks I’ve had more stitches put in my right eye to try to correct vision, and starting late Sunday night, bigger problems.

Now trying to recover from an infection… doing special antibiotic drops every 30 minutes waking, every 1 hour sleeping (or more accurately “not sleeping”) Tonight, as I write this, my vision has grown cloudy… no answers yet. Very hard to look at glare.

Please keep this in your prayers… don’t know what the future holds.

God’s in charge.

About Jonathan McKee

president of The Source for Youth Ministry, is the author of over twenty books including the brand new The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices, If I Had a Parenting Do Over, 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid; and the Amazon Best Seller - The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He has over 20 years youth ministry experience and speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for youth workers and parents on his websites, and You can follow Jonathan on his blog, getting a regular dose of youth culture and parenting help. Jonathan, his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California.
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26 Responses to blog silence

  1. Rachel Blom says:

    I’m so very sorry for what you’re going through Jonathan. I don’t even know if you’ll be able to read this, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ll pray for you for peace, for healing and for endurance, especially with the huge lack of sleep. May God’s presence be tangible for you right now!

  2. Roger Brown says:

    May God continue to work through you in this ministry and bring you through this “bump” in the road. I have been and continue to be blessed by your blog and resource website. Praying for a speedy recovery!

  3. Layton says:

    Sorry to hear about your eyes. Praying that healing comes quickly and God is glorified through it all.

  4. Dee Boudreaux says:

    Oh my! So sorry, I am praying for you!

  5. Kelly Sykes says:

    So sorry to hear of your struggles right now…May our Father bless you with speedy healing of this eye issue and allow you to get some much needed sleep!

  6. Marc Buwalda says:

    So sorry to hear of what all you’re going through. Will be praying for you and the healing you need!

  7. Trisha says:

    I’m praying for you.

  8. Brooks F says:

    I will definitely pray for you Jonathan.

  9. Rhonda Houston says:

    I am speaking these scriptures over you today: “Blessed are your eyes for they see…” (Matt. 13:16a). “No weapon formed against you shall prosper…this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord…” (Isaiah 54:17). And finally, Isaiah 41:10-13; I like to paraphrase these verses by simply saying that the symptoms that have come against you will absolutely “come to nothing”, in the Name of Jesus. Why? Because Jesus is our Healer and He has already provided for everything we will every need. We are so blessed and so grateful to Him!

  10. Tammy says:

    Praying for you Jonathan. I appreciate your blogs, emails, website and all that you do.

  11. Doug Annals says:

    Jonathon, you are in my prayers. God bless you for all that you do in His name.

  12. Margaret Terzich says:

    You are in my prayers!

  13. Susan says:

    Prayers for healing and peace for you and your family. Thanks for your faithful service!

  14. dan manns says:

    Praying for you Jonathan! I know He will never leave you nor forsake you!

  15. Susan Eaton says:

    Praying for you, Jonathan!

  16. Mornette Scott-Riddell says:

    Prayers and love to you and your family all the way from Zimbabwe, keep strong Jonathan!

  17. Mark Watkins says:

    Jonathan, I’m so sorry for you. I will certainly be praying for you. I know from experience something of what you are going through. I haven’t had cornea transplants, but several years ago I had a very horrible eye disease called Acantamoeba. I had 2 eye surgeries where the doctor scraped off all the outside layer of my eye. And after those didn’t change things, I had to put Baquacil (almost the same thing as chlorine) in my eye every 30 minutes around the clock for 2 weeks before backing down to every hour, then every 2 hours, etc., etc. So I can empathize with you, brother. And I can pray with personal understanding that God gives you the patience and endurance to trust Him to the end. I had some very, very hard moments. Hold on to Christ! You know He is faithful, but also know that you have a brother in Christ who knows the pain, praying with you.

  18. Jay Sweningson says:

    Saying prayers right now for complete and swift recovery. May the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart.


  19. Jon forrest says:

    Jon, I’m already looking forward to how the Lord is going to use this tough time in blogs, lessons, illistrations, etc. (hope it’s not too soon to be thinking that way). It’s just that I know your heart and your God. I trust them both. Love you bro.

  20. Leo says:

    Our prayers are with you Jonathan. May our Lord bless you with healing.

  21. Angela says:

    Praying for complete healing for you, and peace and strength for you and your family.

  22. Arnie says:

    Praying for you Brother! Keep walking by faith and in the Spirit! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  23. Wendy Highsmith says:

    So sorry to hear this. We’ll be praying!!

  24. S_ter says:

    Will pray for your swift recovery. God will bless and heal!

  25. Laura says:

    Praying for you Jonathan!

  26. jim dunn says:

    hello jonathan. my wife and i are missionaries here in brazil and minister primarily to children and teenagers. we so appreciate your blog and the info you give to us. we are praying for you and this “eye situation” and look forward to your healthy return. you are a huge encouragement to us here… just thought you should know: )