A Movie That Provokes Conversation

Young people love media. Thus… I love using media as a springboard to conversations about real life issues. Sadly, the grab-bag of appropriate media isn’t very full these days.

Remember the good ol’ days when the good guys on movies and TV actually had “character”? (Okay… I just added that picture for nostalgia… and now that I’m really looking at the picture I’m laughing because the family is watching a bunch of birds. Do those birds have character?) Today, a movie is released on DVD/Blu-ray that is not only fun and entertaining… but it also provokes conversation about “character.” (I even wrote some questions for you to use. More on that in a minute)

Most the media that our kids are absorbing is pretty disturbing. Last weekend the number one movie at the box office was Paranormal Activity, a film about two young girls who befriend an invisible entity. The number one music video downloaded in the last week was Britney Spears’ Criminal (with, count em’, two sex scenes) and the number one song was Sexy and I Know It, only to be passed by Rihanna’s song, We Found Love (whose corresponding racy video just jumped to the number one spot today on iTunes). Sigh.

In the midst of all this distressing media, a morally inspiring story arises out of the dungheap. I’m talking about the film, Captain America. You don’t have to be a comic book geek to like this film. The film has action, humor and heart. It’s a film you won’t regret watching with the whole family (some elements might be a little frightening for really young children), and it’s a film that will springboard great conversations.

I think the element I liked the best was the relationship between the professor and the young man who becomes Captain America. The professor was much more interested in “character” than “physique.” They have several discussions about this truth, discussions that could have flowed right out of scripture.

I wrote some fun discussion questions for you on our review of the film on our MOVIE REVIEWS & QUICK Q’s page. Use those to dialogue with your kids about what you see.

What are you waiting for… grab some popcorn, head to the video store and rent it tonight!  (I sound like an infomercial. Funny… I’m not promo-ing the film for anyone… I’m just excited when films actually show what good ol’ values look like.)

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  1. I agree! Great movie, and Red Skull is a way better bad guy than the weird oozy creature in Green Lantern!