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Should Ashley Download Pumped Up Kicks?

My 14-year-old daughter Ashley wants to download the popular song Pumped Up Kicks. Okay, you’ve heard me repeated tell you my two cents on plenty of music. This time let’s change it up. You tell me… should I let her … Continue Reading

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Now is the Time

A couple times a year I like to offer some ridiculous deals on my books. Now is that time. I like to offer deals that cater to current needs. It’s funny to observe how different resources are used during different … Continue Reading

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Lessons on Communication from Juror #2

“Did he have the “intent” to sell drugs, beyond reasonable doubt?” That was the question I had to ponder most of the week last week, then deliberate with 11 other jurors for several hours. I learned several lessons on jury … Continue Reading

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Conversation Starter WINNERS

This week we had a resourceful little contest that truly made us all winners, because not only am I giving away cool prizes to 10 different people, but all of us now get the benefit of a page full of … Continue Reading

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Parental Overreactions

How should parents respond when they realize that their kids are absorbing a steady dose of inappropriate media? It’s like this. Parents stumble upon their teenager’s iPod or discover a ticket stub, quickly realizing that Chris and Natalie aren’t showing … Continue Reading

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Conversation Starters

Okay, time to give away some cool stuff. Everybody’s gonna win with this one, because we’re gonna give away some great conversation starter ideas, AND we’ll make it a contest where I’ll give away 5 of my books, and 5 … Continue Reading

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Just Dad and Me

This morning I hopped on a plane and flew down to Southern California where I’ll be talking to teenage girls about self esteem and then teaching one of my parenting workshops. But this weekend has an added bonus… I get … Continue Reading

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When Sports Becomes God

“… and then we have a tournament Thanksgiving weekend. We expect everyone to be there.” I turned to my wife. “Did he really just say ‘Thanksgiving Weekend’?” My daughter Ashley played ‘select soccer’ for a few years. We had heard … Continue Reading

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16 and NOT Pregnant

It’s funny. In all my years hearing powerful testimonies of young people at camps and conferences, I have frequently heard solid Christian kids actually say something like, “I’ve never done drugs or had sex… sometime I think I should, just … Continue Reading

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Pleading Ignorant

“I don’t know why they watch this stuff! It’s terrible!” That’s what the sweet little ol’ lady next to me on the plane just told me, referring to her grandkids’ movie choices. Funny, she answered her own question in the … Continue Reading

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