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Hiking in the Sierras

This week Lori, myself, my two girls and their friend Trevor went hiking in the Sierra mountains. (Anyone recognize that backpack on Trevor’s back?) I live in a suburb of Sacramento. If you looked at Sacramento on a topographical map, … Continue Reading

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Balancing Family and Ministry

I remember when my wife had enough. The kids were young, I was working 70 hours a week running ministry out of our house, teenagers were over all the time, volunteers were always visiting… and my wife Lori was getting … Continue Reading

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Increase in Alcohol Use by Girls

A few weeks ago a parent pulled me aside after one of my parent workshops asking me for advice. She began telling me about her daughter’s drinking problem. Her daughter was 16-years-old and attended a local Christian school. Sadly, this … Continue Reading

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Why Captain America is a Better Hero

As I sit and type this, my 13-year-old is with her friends at the movie theaters. I don’t blame her– movies are a fun choice on 90+ degree summer days. Summer movies are almost a rite of passage for some … Continue Reading

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Top 10 Words/Phrases You Don’t Want to Use Anymore

I recently heard a pastor tell his congregation, “God wants us to be a tool.” The high school kids sitting in front of me exploded in laughter. Allow me to quote the great Inigo Montoya (“Princess Bride”). “You keep using that word. … Continue Reading

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Yelling Works... Temporarily

If you aren’t a regular visitor of our page, then you might have not noticed a candid little article I just wrote in the WEEKLY PARENTING HELP box on the front page. Several times a month we add a … Continue Reading

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Video Interview About Student Leadership

A month or so ago I was interviewed by a pretty tech-savy young youth worker named Robbie Mackenzie– a fun conversation. Robbie had read my book, Ministry by Teenagers, and had some questions about developing teenagers who want to grow and serve. … Continue Reading

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Which Title Do You Like?

I want your opinion! (Okay… I know this is a Saturday, but I figure that some of you can chime in on Monday when you get around to it.) I’m working on the script for a DVD curriculum for YS/Zondervan. … Continue Reading

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10 Lessons I Learned on My Family Vacation

As you know from my previous blog entry, last Sunday morning I loaded up the whole family and headed to Southern California for my son’s registration/orientation for college, and for a short little family vacation. It was on this trip that I learned … Continue Reading

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Registering Alec

It’s official. I’m old. This weekend we go down to Southern California and officially register my 18-year-old son for college, pay our first payment (Mama Mia!!!), watch him pick his classes, etc. I’ve only got a little more than a … Continue Reading

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